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Exercise (<SP?!)

For some reason i'm now unsure of how to spell the above word..... perhaps its because i'm allergic to doing the actual deed....??? Honestly - i really think I am, even the thought of it sends shivers down my spine....

So for all you ladies on slimming world.... as i've not started yet.... please can you tell me exactly what is expected in order to help you lose and maintain your healthy weight?

Any tips of things i can do that aren't too expensive - but are slightly fun also!!! Would be much appreciated, I really am useless at all this kind of thing but i've finally decided that looking like i'm 6 months pregnant, when i've had no children - isn't a good look for me - and those trousers that i love that i bought but cant fit in to...... they need to be worn!!!!

Thanks, Jisboz.x.

P.S - the gym.... a little too public and well lit for me!!!
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Slimming world promotes 'Body Magic' as a way of keeping healthy. Basically building up from small and regular periods of exercise, to more regular until it's a part of your lifestyle. There's no expectation for you to hit the gym or pound the streets running, it's very much any activity including walking.

Primarily SW is a meal plan, and you can happily lose weight without doing the exercise, however following body magic will help you to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Slow and steady...
Alot of people who follow SW don't exercise at all and still lose the weight AND keep it off.

BUT exercising boosts the weight loss and gives you more shiny stickers (Body Magic) to put on your book :D

I've just acquired a Wii Fit so have resolved to go on that for an hour, 3 times a week (minimum).

I don't exercise as I think it would kill me at the moment.. :)
however I do have the advantage of being a bloke and we tend to lose weight easier and faster than the girls.. just another cruel trick of mother nature, don't blame us...
thanks guys, I was thinking of walking 20 mins a day 3 days a week and building on that - better than the no mins of walking i do at the moment!! At least I know that i dont have to go full throttle in order to enable me to lose any LBs!!!

I started off SW a year ago.
Exercise wise i started doin a 30 min workout dvd 3 times a week.
Then i started doing a little jogging with my dad.
I then joined the gym.
I now do 5 days exercise per week, be it jogging or classes at the gym.

However i think i am one of the very few people that actually enjoys exercise.

anybody use shake weights?
for toning up the bingo wings and chest muscles etc?

they got them in tesco at half price so I might get one.. ( the manly black and silver one, not the lady pink one.. :) )


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I would say if you don't do any exercise currently then walking would be an ideal way to start to get exercise into your life. Plug yourself into some music and just walk for as long as you want!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
anybody use shake weights?
for toning up the bingo wings and chest muscles etc?

they got them in tesco at half price so I might get one.. ( the manly black and silver one, not the lady pink one.. :) )
there's a hilarious episode of South Park based on these. i'll let you use your imagination!

sod it - here's a link!

Lol, never seen that!!! Frikkin funny though!!! My volume was off when it started, and I saw the lady 'shaking her weight' and actually snorted..... it was only going to go one way!!!

I might get one of those - how much are they do you know? And are they called shake weights over here? !
that depends on where "here" is, you haven't set a location in your profile so you could be in russia for all we know..

our local tesco was doing them for 1/3 off last week but I don't know if they all are or how long the offer will last..

just checked tesco direct and it's £19.95 on there for the womens and mens one ( the mens is heavier.. don't blame me that's how it's advertised.. )

I've just googled a bit more and the recomendation is to not buy them.. they don't work and you're better off getting a set of dumbells for the same money..
My ability to read and write proper English would probably be better if I lived in Russia!!! However - I'm a Bristol girl....

Dumbells it is then - or two bottles of Evian, at least that way - the more I drink the lighter the weights will be as im going round - and also i'll be able to get some water inside me - hate the stuff..... my main weakness when i start SW on Thursday will be no more Coke.... :( 5 cans a day minimum...to nothing..... I'm almost in tears thinking about this!!!

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