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Exercise while on SS

Hello fellow CD people,

Can you help with my dilemma. I belong to a gym though have not been for 2 months, a planned break. It is Curves ladies only and resistance training for toning not pounding away on the treadmill kind of place. My concern is I dont want to stop godd weight losses, I am happy to sit at home and let the pounds drop off, though I do go for a walk for about 1 hour each night at the moment. So will going to the gym stop the pounds falling off, muscle weighs more that fat I have been told. Has anyone else experienced going to the gym and weight loss slows?, not looking for an excuse not to go just want to do what is best for the weight loss.
Thanks guys
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Oh, i'm not sure about slowing the weight loss down, but if you're taking measurements too then that's bound to change. Even though muscle is heavier than fat, you're body shape will change. (but, it's never as nice as seeing the scales go down) sorry I wasn't much help! But i read the post and didn't wanna not say something :)

Good luck tho x


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my CdC said its time to do some excercise now Im on week 6 I was horrified ME excercise!!She said the weight would come off quicker,but I have read that the scales show an increase for the reasons you said,just wanted to let you know i had been told that.
Hmm it is a tricky one this, I want to tone up yet desperate to see the scales going down. Maybe a CDC , Spooky? will have some advice. I know the walking is helping with toning just wanted to help with the shape of me.
Thanks for the replies
Can only go off what my CDC said to me, gentle exercise is ok! She said that her and hubby would go for 2hr + walks at weekends. As for the muscle weighs more, yes that is the case. However I really wouldnt worry about that, it takes alot of hardwork and time to build muscle and you would need to be eating lots of protein too. So unless your working out with weights all day everyday you will be totally fine hun! If you want to change your shape I would suggest using light weights but stick to lots of reps NOT heavy weights if you can try using free weights or see if your gym has a Smith machine. Ask the girls in the gym to spot you/help you with squats, deadlifs, bench presses, lunges etc these sound like scary ones but they are very effective... I would do 3 sets of 12 to start with. Go hit the gym! Hope that helps x
Hello Cass,

Thank you for the advice, the machines we use are resistance not free weights so I dont think I am doing something that will produce massive muscles (and I am definately not fit enough to be working that hard !), so I am just scared that I will slow down my weight loss. I should go 3 times a week acording to their recommendations and when I do that I work up a sweat so I am sure it will help with the toning. A guy at work who is doing LL was told no exercise for at least 6 weeks and then gental walking?, so he says dont do it as the weight loss will slow. So much conflicting advice and I guess the only way to find out is to do it.
Thanks Sharon


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hi shazzy,

i have started doing Jazzercise (1hr of aerobic type dance exercise and muscle toning) twice a week and my losses have remained at around 4lbs a week.

gem x
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Ive been doing some weights alternate days aswell as 30mins a day on crosstrainer + sit ups.
I did go up to 810 as my cdc said it was safer because I was burning off 200+ extra calories a day. First week I only lost 1.5ibs but since that its been similar to ss, mainly around 4lbs a week with the odd 5 or 6, maybe my body was shocked but its been fine since.
Then theres the matter that as I get lighter I expected it to slow up a bit anyway.
My view is that by exercising now you are doing more good than bad whether it affects weightloss or not so I say go for it just dont make yourself ill. As a self confessed couch potato for the last 5 years I never knew exercise could be so enjoyable and now i'm into it I will certainly be carrying on with some and maybe take up some new sport(rather than just watching) after i'm finished. :)


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Can exercise kick you out of ketosis?

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