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Exercise while SS'ing


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I try to do a bit of swimming but cant do as many lenghts as I used to before starting. I wish I could get up the energy to go twice a week but usually only go once. If you do any try and do a little to see how you go, ive been quite surprised how much my body has toned up without a great deal of exercise...having said that when I move up to the 790 plan I do plan to get back in the gym
I exercise 3 times a week. I run for 15 mins, 15 mins on a bike and the a few lengths of the gym pool.

I started of a lot easier though when I started. Just a brisk walk a few times a week, steadily moving on to a 5 - 10 minute run.
when i was ssing i coulnt do any excersise i had no energy. also i was advised by many people that when ssing that you are not allowed to excersise. if you can then do it but very light.


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I've had no problems exercising, in the first week I had no energy but now I feel fine, I walk the dogs three times a day, I have an air walker that I for 20 mins a day and I bought a later thigh trainer which I do 20 mins a day and I try and go out on the bike three times a week.

I think you should just do what you feel comfortable doing :)
yeah defo do what you think is right.
Steph - i boufght one of those lateral thigh trainers about 3 years ago, found it really useful at times until the clock thing on it broke then the cords snapped, and the metel inside seized up. sorry abou the down sides but keep your recipt!!!


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I was told that if you already took some exercise before you started SSing then you could continue, but if not to wait two weeks before partaking in any.

I have been doing two exercise classes a week for the last 8 months so it wasn't a problem for me (just took it easy for a while) The classes are 1 hr and mainly aerobic but we always do some resistance work too... this has really helped with toning:D

I also walk my collie dog at least 3 - 4 times a week. She is very energetic and likes to walk far!

Good luck with everything
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I exercised from week 2 - had done it before too!! I did (and still do) 3 spinning classes a week, a body attack every 2 weeks and weights once or twice a week if I can fit it in!! Has definitely helped with the toning and for me a faster weight loss and now with maintaining! But go at your own pace and do what feels right for you! Best advice I can give is listen to your body

Good luck



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I'm still doing about 3 exercise sessions a week, 2 of these include at least 30 mins on the treadmill and then work on various weights machines, on the 3rd session I do the same things but follow it with a pilates class.

In the first week when I did it I was completely worn out but I'm fine now and have increased the levels and the weights.


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