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Exercise. Will I EVER love it???

Right. Facing new challenges as the diet trundles along.

I know in order to tone my now rather flimsy bits, that I must exercise.

My problem is this: I HATE EXERCISING!!!!!

I had hoped that by losing all this weight I would magically begin to love exercise, but sadly, that is far from happening.

It weighs on my mind a lot, and I know I should have been doing so already. I do a bit of walking - now and then (More then, then now!) but I need to do more - I know that - I just cannot motivate myself enough to do it.

If I could find excuses to eat, I can find twice as many not to exercise.

Part of my problem is by the time I get home from work, my neck and all that goes with that, are so fatigued and painful, all I want to do is just lay my head back for a bit - and if I do that, nothing else happens. I suppose I could start a walk right from work, before I go home?

I don;t know. I just find it boring. THere is nowhere nice to walk in my town.

Is it safe for a woman to walk on the downs alone?? I need a walk buddy is what I need, but my husband is less enthused then I am!!!

:( I found a "magic pill" for weight loss - now I need one for getting active.

Sorry - I know this is not the first time I have brought up this subject. I just am no closer to a solution then I have been before. Pooey. :(

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Hi Hun,

You know I just started telling myself that I love exercising and now I do. I look forward to it and it makes me feel so much better.

Start small and just make it a habit, we have made it a habit to not eat for 6 months now so I reckon 30 mins walk should be a doddle.
Have to agree BL I dont like exercise, but I am lucky in that I love horses and they cause a lot of work, so I end up doing quite a bit of physical work.

Mind you I wouldnt mind a personal trainer;)


Gone fishing
Oh BL! I'm going to do a post on 'habits' later (or maybe tomorrow....or the next day....cos I keep putting it off. Bad habit that :D)

Great thoughts from Tange there. A positive frame of mind really helps.

More about this sort of thing in my habits post (if I do it), but meanwhile, try this.

Don't try to change too much at once. Pick one challenge. So maybe walking home from work.

Write down the challenge. Go through all the reason why you want to do it, what might put you off, all the excuses that you could make. Go through it and find the answers ;) Do write it down though.

Then set yourself a challenge for 28 days. It takes 21 really, but I always do 28 cos I know what I'm like:eek:

Tick off each day. If you nearly made an excuse, write it down. Really critique your 'work'.

But most of all, love it. Really appreciate that walk. Look at the gardens, the shops, the people....and smile, cos that helps too;)

Best of luck
Hi BL,

I'm not really a gym person... i have done it in the past but easily get bored.... but i took up Kickboxing.... it sounds extreme, but it really is a good work out twice a week, the academy's are like families, and spur each other on... I look on it as a hobby now, rather than as doing exercise... I love it !!

nas x


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I joined a gym about 2 months ago, thinking that this would be the answer to my weight issues, and to be fair, I didn't gain at all while I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Been doing ll for 2 weeks now (it's my 3rd weigh in tonight) and I'm keeping up with the gym.

I go during my lunch break, only get in 30 mins cardio & 10 mins stretching but I figure it's a dead hour and little & often is better than never!

I hate it, every minute! At least I do while I'm doing it. It never gets easier, it's boring, it hurts. After I've been though I feel amazing. My skin is looking fab both for the diet and sweating regularly and every day when I get back I'm as pleased with myself as I am every night when I've completed another day of ll without lapsing.

See it just as you see following the diet. You're doing it not because you love the shakes & soups you're doing it because you want your life to change.

Maybe one day I will love the gym, but until then I'll have to make do with loving how I feel about myself when I've been.

Get going girl!



constantly confused
I don't think anyone who loves exercise says 'I love exercise', they say 'I love running/swimming/horseriding etc' so try experimenting and finding an activity you love that just happens to be physical.

Maybe try things like rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, horse riding etc. There will probably be dry ski slopes and climbing walls near you, dunno about kayaking though!


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Do you know, I'm dire when it comes to exercise but tonight I went Go-karting!! I've sweated for England, had a fab time and used muscles I didn't know I had! I did not realise how physical it was gonna be!! If only I could do it everyday!!! :D
THanks for the good words ladies. I am going to try to do something physical at least three days this week. Fingers crossed. :)

I've got to do something to shift this plateau I have found myself in. Nothing is shifting, and I am feeling very deflated tonite. So tomorrow, when I get home, a nice walk should do me good.

Thanks everyone.



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The Go karts are really stiff to drive and you have to throw them around like you would not believe... my legs and arms feel like they are gonna fall off!! I did 36 laps...twice!!! As a result of the protective clothing you get very hot!! and the heart rate is speeding!! I felt like I'd had a real good work out!! I'm sure there are more controlled forms of exercise but I now understand why racing drivers need to be fit!!!:D
Hi Blonde Logic, i think you have to dhange your mind set in my early 20s i used to do and take arobic classes and play badminton after it as it fitted in my life style of a residential Manager in Social work for 15 years its was a routine /habit. Along with that i could of done the swimming gym and sauna but i did not enjoy any of these.
Swimming i found to much hassle i only enjoy on hols and it was not challenging enough as i think that i had a poor tecnique.
The gym was not my think and still isnt.
I also have done for a long time an early morn jog at 6.45 am with 2 friends 3 times a week for the same period till 2 years ago when a friend went to live in Ireland and the other one broke her hip and leg whilst doing a coast to coast walk.
I have tried to do my jog alone very slow albeit but now just dont enjoy it.
I have changed to qi Gong which while not as challenging physically,i loveand can do in classes or alone.
I think you must enjoy it and be motivated to pick something you like started Belly dancing, very physical once a week not yet a habit but feel good doing it.
It gets back to motivation ,goal setting and re visiting after a short time to see if you like what you do.
Despite all the exercise i still managed to gain 3 stones,so food management is the biggy in my opinion,gone into rosemary Conleys for the classes which i love so have gone full circle but must admit only do once a week as other classes or to far away and like yourself am too tired and busy to go OUT 3 times a week. Anyway thats my story re exercise same with walking i wear the pedometer but its hard to clock 10,000 steps daily.


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Hey BL - I thought you had your perfect exercise - SHOPPING!!! You do a hell of a lot of walking and the more shops you go in, the heavier the weight lifting!! If you go into the shops closer to your house first, the heavier the weight is and longer the walk home!!

On that basis, shopping is a justified sport!


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If you go into the shops closer to your house first, the heavier the weight is and longer the walk home!!
thats good thinking!!!

BL its a shame your hubby doesnt want to go with you cause its sooo boring walking or jogging on ya own... me and my partner went to kick a football around last night and then did abit of jogging, tonight he is working so i have to go for ajog on my own..... would love to have a jogging buddy in my area to go with in the evenings!!! you do lose the motivation when you know you have to go at it alone..... there is so much to try tho and if you keep to variety then you wont get bored so quick!! :D

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