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Hi Jeni

Yes you can exercise on cambridge although you are advised to take it a bit easier the first 2 weeks i.e. no running any marathons, taking up step aerobics etc :) But after that what ever you want. Just remember we sweat lots so you'll have to adjust your water intake accordingly.

I'm swimming and have started a "get me running" type programme. Disney is doing it too. You're welcome to join us if you want :)
Well, depending on what type of exercise (walking vs running) and it's intensity, you could slow your weightloss. I choose to do both endurance and strength training because last fall when i started cd and lost 3 stones, i was "flab-city"!!! this time the weightloss is slower, not by that much, but I can look at myself in the mirror.
I have been walking around our local park with the dog but i found it really hard this week....i felt physically exhausted and could easily have sat down 1/2 way through but had to drag myself home !!

I have been drinking 2/3 ltrs of water so not dehydrated ??

Didnt feel to good at the time.


On a mission
I'm not doing any for another week. I did some painting at the weekend ( a room not a canvas) and was pooped.
I'm going to start swimming again
I'm just back from my 2nd yoga class and feel fab! I started 5 weeks ago with my sister (who is half the woman I am .. literally!) and although I enjoyed it I got so much into my head about how my stomach got in the way, and I couldn't reach the floor and I couldn't do X,Y,Z I talked myself out of going again which really pi**ed my sister off as it was supposed to be something for us to do together. Anyway after starting CD last week and some postive mental talking I decided I have to stop "waiting to be slim" before I start all this stuff and just go for it as it will help me on my journey to become slim! So glad I went as it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered it to be; I'd obviously really made it out worse than it was in my head.

This time 6 months from now when I am slim I'll be able to put my legs behind my head too :D
night time i just cannot control what i eat :-(

That was my downfall (using was cos I am determined that it is in the past).. .I used find myself "resisting" for ages then giving in and ringing for chips, pizza or even icecream (I found a pizza place that would deliver just the ice-cream!). I'd eat it all really fast cos I didn't want to look at it and then would feel horrible and say "tomorrow will be different" .. but tomorrow never was.

Is there anyway you can go to the gym in the evening instead? Is there some way to break the association between food and what you do in the evening? I'm only on day 7 but I've been reading thedietguy.co.uk manically in the evenings to stop me reaching for the phone. I've a couple of mantras in my head (one in my signature) and when I start hearing that voice in my head I say the mantra. Guess what I am trying to say is you have to find something that works for you to change the way you think. But to do that you need to work out your trigger; where does the desire to eat come from. Is it a "reward" for being to the gym? Is it something you have to do in the day that you don't enjoy and then start thinking of "consoling" yourself? If you can work that out I think you'll find it easier to break the habit.

Good luck and big hugs

Big thank you............... I go off the rails in the eve when i'm trying to sort the girls out /home work/dinner/wash/ then they just keep getting out of bed any excuse..... and i think blah blah it.... AND i'm off on the road to ruin....... YOU keep at it

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