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Hi Ladies , been on slimmin world a couple of months now , felling a wee bit better about myself and thought yesterday i would go for a 5k walk as I am shortly doing a 10k in May for Cancer. Anyway , I have been playing Badminton for the past 6 weeks and am getting a little fitter , Im not saying I am enjoying it but i am certainly making the effort to shift this fat. So , I go out walking and done the first 1.5 miles walking and decided on the way back that i was feeling good about myself so i decided to run a little , now ladies , I have never ran in my life , i have always been too heavy , so i am running for a song and walking for a song on my ipod. This is all fine till i get home , I am absolutely exhausted , i am pleased as punch with myself and cant stop talking , adrenalin must be pumped up. I slept like a log last night and low and behold woke up this morning and felt like I had been hit by a train!!!! I fell dreadfull , tired , slow , i have taken the dreaded monthly and I am thinking too myself , why on earth do people do this , how can this be fun and how can people enjoy felling like this. Am I the only person that this has happened to , should i try and push muself to go out again tonight , what do you think ladies ?:cry::cry::cry:
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Its only natural hun...your body just needs time to adjust. I did a zumba class....felt amazing...next day i basically crawled out of bed!! The more you do it the more your body gets used to it. Next time it wont be quite as sore, then the time after that it will be better, etc.

If you go out tonight just be gentle on yourself, dont want those sore bits getting anymore sore!!!

I must say, i envy ANYONE who can run. I am useless, bascically end up knocking myself out with my boobs haha xx


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I find that as I don't work that when I don't make the effort to exercise I have very small losses compared to when I do. Being so unfit I find the exercise really tough and I'm honest I don't enjoy it- so can definitely relate to that!
I get exhausted and end up with aches and pain and often wonder whether it's worth it but when I see the difference on the scales I can see it is. I hope someday it will get easier and hurt less but I guess it takes a lot of time.
I think you are doing amazing well with the exercise though!:eek::) You should be really proud of yourself :D
Don't over do it, maybe if you are still aching go for a brisk walk instead.


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I think we all feel like this at first. I'd been doing Wiifit for 30 mins to an hour a day and then a couple of weeks ago started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I was absolutely knackered! Couldn't do the jumping jacks for the 30 seconds you do them at a time. I thought my lungs were going to burst!
Well today I did day 7 and I managed to do it all without a break, (only the second time) and tho I was sweating buckets and breathing heavily I can honestly say I enjoyed it!
You improve quite quickly at first. Write a diary to look back over. Give your body time to recover and work up slowly. You'll soon be a runner!
well ladies , i decided to bite the bullet and go out on a 5k last night and still feel rotten but just not a rotten as i did lol x


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Hi Arliparli.......I have always been a very active person, jogging/gym/walking & put on lot of weight last year as had 3 prolapsed discs in my neck !!! I'm now getting back into the swing of things after surgery & boy oh boy did I ache in areas I didn't know existed! If you have never exercised, it will take your body time to adjust...but persevere as it will pay off. Try not to do much in one go, exercise one day & take 2/3 days off & dont forget to stretch after your exercise. You release natural endorphines (feel good factor) when you exercise & within time you will see results
Thanks ladies for all your support , im having a night off tonight and will attempt a run tomorrow x x x

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