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Slim for summer
How may of you are exercising? and what regime are you following? and how much?

The chemist advised me to start this week to get my weight loss going, I should really, I walk a fair bit, but know I could do more, but get soo puffed out at the weight I am at the moment, I can't even run for a bus :eek: need to build up my fitness gradually.
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Thornhill Cate

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I'm ashamed to admit it but I've only done one 20 minute session on my rebounder since I started this 8 and a half weeks ago. Mirjam does loads of exercise and she's had brilliant results. Ignore her month 2 figures - she was out of ketosis for 2 weeks because of medication. I'm sure it speeds things up, I just hate exercise.
do u know, my pharmasist has told me not to exercise atall!! sit on your arse and watch tv were her words! she said if you exercise you will retain water, lowering your weight loss??


Slim for summer
Amazing how the advice differs... I HATE exercise too... I like walking and swimming though, except I won't get into my cossie until ive got at least another 2 stone off!
As long as you are hydrated before you exercise and properley hydrate afterwards you will be fine. Yes you retain water, but only for a few hours, you wake up the next morning with it having fell off again (if you hydrated properley afterwards). In my first week I had a couple of games of golf, sounds easy but it takes about 4 hours to walk all the way round a golf course. I also done a 15 hour shift in work the day before weigh in, which was energetic, I lost 14lbs in the first week (although it was day 9 when I was weighed)

I have started exercising in my second week, so my body had properley adjusted into Ketosis. It is a simple fact that if you exercise you will burn more calories, being in Ketosis and on a very low calorie diet, it is also a fact that the energy will come straight from your fat stores of your body, as the shakes only have 550 calories (approx) anyway. You are already burning the extra calories needed by the body from your fat storage, which is why you lose so much weight. It is estimated that you have to create a 1000 calorie deficit from what you consume to what you burn in order to lose 1lb of fat. That means technically if you are doing 100% TFR then you should burn on average 1.5lbs a day. Now I know this isn't exact and all people are different but exercising can only be a positive thing, as it burns more calories which come straight from the waist line. I have done 2 long runs this week and feel great, but the proof is in the pudding and I get weighed today so I will update later with my results. Due to my weigh in being day 9 on the first week, It has only been 6 days since last weigh in, so i'm expecting a bit of a disappointment but really hoping for 7lbs.

fingers crossed xx
I haven't done alot at all!! I walk the dog, and have gone swimming 3 times in 7 weeks lol which i must do more of as great for toning :) I went jogging twice at the weekend and want to do it alot more as i actually enjoyed it, but has rained since and really dont want to do it in the rain.
I think in the 1st 2 weeks to be careful as your body is adjusting, but slow and steady and work your way up. Even if walking is all you can manage thats great! maybe time yourself and try to beat it or change where u walk to go up hills to work ur legs and bottom better:p Good luck and the weight will soon come off and give u more freedom x


Slim for summer
I agree with all that you said Pete, it makes total sense, wish I WAS losing 1.5 lb a day!! more like o.5 to 1lb for me!

Good luck with your weigh in!

Claire, yes I enjoy walking so will try to get some speed up when doing that for now, until I can feel myself getting less breathless!
I've been doing Curves three afternoons a week, four if I'm lucky. 30 minutes of easy circuit training :)

The pharmacist told me not to work out the first week of the diet, so once I started back in the gym after the first week I found myself to be rather weak and tired easily. Now it's gotten easier.


Never Ever Give Up!
I go to the gym 6 days a week and I absolutely love it! I do 6 hours of bodybalance and 1 hour of legs/bum/tum and I am getting a toned bod :D
As long as you are hydrated before you exercise and properley hydrate afterwards you will be fine. Yes you retain water, but only for a few hours, you wake up the next morning with it having fell off again (if you hydrated properley afterwards).
If I wanted to exercise first thing in the morning, which is really the only time I'll be able to fit it in, how much will I have to drink and how soon before exercising to be hydrated enough? Am thinking of starting the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Feel ill just thinking about it! :eek:
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Cham Pers

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I do 3 hours i would like to do more but dont get time. One hour pilates and 2 hours weights and cardio


Sensibly losing :)
I take my hat off to you that exercise.. i really do! I still think I am too fat to be doing things like that.. I know I have lost SO much weight but I still feel totally overweight, unfit and not capable of doing anything. I would love nothing more than to be able to go out for a jog of an evening or to the gym etc but I have a very bad back awaiting surgery.. and even without that excuse I just think I would get laughed at wobbling along the pavement!! I see heavier people on here that are able to do things like this and I wonder why I cant!!! This is one of my biggest goals as I would love to do a charity run etc when I am slimmer and my back is fixed! I rekon with a sob story like mine I would rake it in for a nice charity!! LOL xx
I'm doing the Manchester shine walk on May 1st and I'm a bit worried about the endurance aspect of it. Will I need to refeed the week before the walk in order to get a few carbs in?
Cate, believe it or not, the morning time is the best time to exercise and on an empty stomach wether your on LT or not!

You will not be dehydrated because as you sleep your body keeps some water to function. Hydrate properley the evening before and take some water in a bottle with you, sipping through your exercise routine. You must focus on hydrating properley and immediatly afterwards though. I cannot explain the feeling of being in Ketosis and having all your endorphines released during exercise at the same time, I feel really good afterwards, add the effect that you know all the exercise you have just done has been burnt straight off your body and it really is a great feeling. Your physical performance may be effected gradually as to maintain a high physical performance you are actually supposed to be on a high protein, high fat, low carb diet. Did I say high fat, yes I did and of course I mean good fat that you find in meats etc. Remember when you refeed that not all fat is bad fat and these are easily explained on the internet.

I hope that was of some help, I am by no means an expert but hope that helped a bit.

Good luck !!!
Hi Pete,

Have I got it right from what you say that you don't need to refeed to do a lot of exercise?

The walk I'm doing is 26.2 miles through the night, and although I'm doing lots of 10/14 mile training walks I did the marathon walk last year and it was far harder than the training walks.

I was getting a bit down thinking I was going to have to refeed the week before and eat a fair amount of carbs before the walk which would ruin my ketosis!

I might try and stick to LT for the walk then and just add in some protein for extra oomph! :D
I am NO doctor, but I wouldn't refeed, If you were going to get some extra protein inside you I would eat meat and poultry as they have healthy fats in which will actually help you.

If you refeed the carbs you take in will just provide calories that the Ketosis is already eating of your fat stores, so whats the point. If you just eat protein (meats) you will stay in Ketosis and not do yourself any real harm in terms of LT.

The choice has to be yours though, good luck in the marathon walk!!

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