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Hi all

Well have finally bit the bullet and got my s****y sooper dooper tradmill delivered today! looks a bit high tech!

do any of you peeps find your weight loss speeds up weeks you do exercise?

im really unfit and today i managed a 15 min quick walk/slow jog
i had the incline at 6% for a good 5 mins

i am really hoping to speed this weight loss

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Hey i notice the week where i do a couple of long walks i always lose more. One week after just three long walks i lost 4lbs but i was out of breath and sweating a lot. Normal walks don't make a difference to my weightloss x


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SW say that you can expect 1-2lb extra per month if you exercise. It isn't a miracle worker and for some it makes no difference to their losses.
Exercise because it's good for you, not to increase the losses. The two go hand in hand :)
I think exercise really helps my average loss has improved by miles - plus I have much les sts and barely any gains (even on naughty weeks)

I don't do walking I do lots of cardio ie spinning etc but once you get into the exercise your begin to love it!! I promise! Good luck!'


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Not maybe what you want to hear but when I started exercising I found my losses slowed for a while but I kept track of my inches & knew I still was losing inches at least. Plus I felt great after it. This week however I have had a 4 1/2 lb loss so maybe finally the scales are starting to catch up
When you start a new exercise in order for your muscles to repair and rest they hold water (always unless you were a gym junkie before lol) this can mean a gain or
No loss for up to 4 weeks dependant on what exercise you do!

However as mentioned above keep track of inches and the losses will soon catch up !!

Just drink plenty - and green tea helps loads too!! Xx

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Also, it's not good to exercise every day. Your muscles need a day to relax, so exercise every other day.
Hey everyone - I found these posts really useful. I get bogged down when I don’t lose, but seriously lack motivation to exercise. Guess I need to get my butt in gear, an extra pound a month would make a huge difference. What exercise do you recommend for real results?
Thanks - and well done to you all x
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I have found that it has sped up my losses and I'm starting to tone up a bit now. I go for a 2 mile walk every other day and do my biggest loser dvd in between to work my arms I have been doing it for about 3 weeks and lost approx 5 pounds more than the previous month when I didn't exercise. I actually look forward to it now and feel rubbish when I can't do it. Exercise will strengthen your heart and lungs and is so good for you, but don't push yourself to much, try to enjoy the time you have to yourself. X
OMG! I've got the biggest loser DVD, if its the same one its really tough! Matbe I'll just do that every other day, also got Zumba for the Wii which is fun, I could mix the torture with the fun! I hope I get the same results (and id love your dedication/motivation - im sure it's in me somewhere)... we done you! x
I walk a lot and go to the gym a couple of times a week and find that if for whatever reason I havent been able to get to the gym for a week my weight loss isn't really affected. But i think exercising it a good habit to get into so that when you get to target its easier to stay there and stay healthy :)
You make it sound so easy, I need hypnosis to motivate myself. It's only an hour (max) out of my life. I'll trade in Neighbours and Home & Away for something more productive - think thin Lorn... think thin! x
I think exercise has helped my weightloss. I lost more in one month than I did all of last summer - so I think it's making a difference. However, I still don't like it. I love my yoga, and my once a week swimming, but I still don't like cardio. Running is just not fun to me, but it works, and I'm trying to convince myself it may grow on me yet. But I do love the results, I love how it's making my heart stronger and reducing obesity related diseases.
Well done getting on the exercise wagon x


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I have zumba for the wii but just can't do it! I just end up throwing myself around the room! The biggest loser dvd I have is the uk one, but I think I only like it coz the trainer is gorge! Haha very motivating!
i did sw after having my 1st daughter and didnt exercise and although i lost the weight and got to the weight i was at before i got pregnant i was a whole dress size bigger and was very very flabby. i was a regular gym goer and had 2 active jobs before getting pregnant and this obviously contributed to me being a size smaller despite weighing the same. i have sincxe had another daughter and i have embarked on going to the gym at the same time as losing weight. i find the gym doesnt make much difference to my losses but it isnt so much weight that you want to lose its inches. i would rather be a stone heavier but a dress size smaller than have to use that extra stone if you catch my drift? plus i feel happier and less flabby when i exercise-so many benefits
Thanks to all your replies! A lot make total sense
Ive got measure tape out tonight and going to make hubby measure my thunder thighs and massive arms because in 4 weeks they won't be that size!!!
I'm determined as my name suggests


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