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S: 14st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 3st11lb(26.11%)
Hi Everyone.

Im on Day 2, its been much easier than yesterday (however im hiding in our back room while my sons tuck into pizza so its not too much torture!)
Anyway Ive been having a good look around and everyone seems to have a great loss on their first week. When I did LL I only lost 3lbs the first week, It all evened itself out eventually, the next week it was 6 (I think). I was 100% on packs but I really didnt do any exercise. Do you people exercise a lot on this diet? Should I be adding some walks etc in. I would love a big loss to start me off.
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I'm on day 5 and haven't had the energy to exercise so far! I've just walked 5 with my husband and I'm shattered! I'm planning to take it easy. I cycle everywhere anyway so I'm at least doing a little bit!


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S: 13st0.8lb G: 10st7lb
i don't exercise much, i just walked an hour then an extra hour around the shop its killed me. lol couldn't walk home had to get a taxi lol, {i did have heavy bags)
i have a mini bike you sit on a chair and pedal its ace, records everything too, the time , calories u burnt, and the distance. its davina one. i go on that for and burn roughly 500 calories i used to do it everyday but that's all i do i really dislike exercise. {can you tell ha ha} i have lost nearly 2 stone calorie counting. hope this helps.


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hello there :)

in your first week I find its best not to excercise and if you do try not to make it to excessive, give your body time to get used to the new changes and adjust because you are more than likely going to feel a little drained, possibly have a few headaches or dizzy spells, so take it easy and in your second week if you feel ok to do so then gradually introduce some excercise like brisk walks, or even do some at home, last time I was on exante I started doing a bit the 2nd week, I used the stepper for about 5 mins, and then 10 sit ups! and thats all I did each day and built it up bit by bit each week and intend on sticking to that plan again this time, my average loss doing that used to be 4.5 - 5lb a week, I have friends who have done this diet had great losses and havent done any excercise at all, everyone is different, just do what your body can handle hun