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I do quite a lot of exercise. I'm not sure it sped up my weight loss - there are people whose loss slows down but it definately helps me tone up. It's really about listening to your body and stopping when you need to - and drinking plenty of course!

I do some really high energy stuff and I haven't had any problems on SS - up to 4 times a week seems to be fine for me. Do get tired after but sometimes I then appreciate how easy it is to sleep!

Hope that helps, Kx
I mountain bike race so i train quite hard, i am unable to do this diet during the summer months while racing. It is very hard to find the balance so you really need to start off gently and listen to your body. I would recommend that you do low intensity no longer than an hour on ss. Anything above that you havnt got the glycogen that is needed and therefore as your weight gets lower you can be in danger of eating into your muscle mass. This dosnt happen at the higher end as there is enough mins,vits etc in the cambridge packs, but as your weight gets near your goal you dont have the fat to burn for energy. Hope that helps a little.
OMG. IM A LAZY SWINE I DO NOTHING. not really thru choice but circumstances. i work in the mornings , my husband work nights so i have 3 little ones , even if i take the dogs for a walk thats hard work with child on foot and a double buggy and 2 mental boxer dogs !!! i am guessing for the wt i want to loose its ticking away nicely and hopfully i will have lost my stone in a month
OKay cool thanks, im doing classes at the gym, four a week, and going to try and do some weights 3 times a week as well...just found out i cant do my weigh in for the first week so i wont know how much ive lost till 14 days in...maybe ill just weigh myself! I cant really feel it coming off though :( lol oh well! Thanks everyone xx

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