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I was just gonna go for longer walks each day when im walking my dog but taking it easy this is my third day so i might wait a couple of days before i start more exercise.


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I personally think you should take it easy as far as exercise is concerned, i got light headed really easily. However after a few weeks i did toning exercises and lots of sit ups/crunches, they have really helped my tum xx


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i went to the gym 3 times a week after about 3 weeks on LT but to be honest it was really hard and made me feel like crap ,so now i just stick to situps(yes tracy im still doing them) and i use hand weight to tone the bingo wings ,you dont really need to go mad toning is the important bit xx


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Lol glad to hear it Lil xxx
Hiya Lottie, I have trained 3 or more times a week whilst on LT. But I have always worked out, so it was nothing new to me. It's just much, much easier now that I am almost 3st lighter. If u are not used to exercise, then I would take it easy. Personally, I have never had as much energy as I have now and my stmina has improved tenfold! Whatever u decide to do, take it easy and listen to ur body. Also drink extra water to replace the water u loose during exercise.


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Yeah toning is defo important to me. I have been using firming body creams as well as bio oil which I have been told is great for the elasticity of the skin. Has anyone who has lost a lot of weight had a problem with excess skin????

I dont think it should really be a problem as I only have 3st to loose but has anyone came across this?? Any tips???
hi i go to aerobics 3 or 4 times a week and feel fine it gives me more energy, Ive been tonight and had to take it a bit easy as i forgot to have my shake just having it now:). you need to listen to your body


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The only bit of excess skin i have is on my boobs and i think i would be just noticable to me, you know what us women are like! But that is prob also due to having a baby and i did a lot of expressing milk lol ok too much info..sorry! xx

Deb G

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Whilst on VLCD you don't want to be doing too much exercise...certainly if you haven't done much prior to starting the diet. As your muscles have no glycogen in them, they are more likely to rip and tear, so avoid lifting heavy weights.
I do the gym three times a week. Usually manage 20 minutes in the jacuzzi and another 20 int he steamroom lol. Seriously though, I don't think I could find the energy at the moment to do something more strenuous. Juliax :D
I find it impossible to exercise i just have no energy! I find it hard enough walking up the stairs! xx

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