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I do:

- aquafit every Sunday for 45 mins
- pilates every Tuesday for 1hr
- running 1/2 times a week for up to an hour
- have started doing 20 situps in the morning and 20 before bed each day

Have found that on CD have not had the energy to do the runs which is a bit annoying as wanted to train up to be able to run the full distance of Race for Life but think that I will probably only be able to walk it due to lack of energy :( poo!



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I'm a bit of a gym junkie so 4 sessions at the gym. 3 with 10 min warm up and 40 mins of weights. The 4th 1 hr of cardio. Each session I do sit ups, I also do these at home usually once a day about 200.

I know I'm a freak. Days where i dont feel like going I go for a walk with a friend or a bike ride with hubby.

I lost my first 15 kilos though, through 30mins walk before breakfast and dinner, everyday.

Do you like exercise?

I wish I had the energy to exercise that much!! I was doing a similar level a month or so ago but since doing Atkins and CD have just not had the physical energy to do it :( will get back onto it once I've lost the weight tho!!! Can't wait!!



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Wow you both do loads!!!

I dont really like it but I do it, just cross trainer and bike. I wasn't sure if it would have any negative affects on the CD?

I was doing half an hour a day but wanted to increase to 45mins this week and then 60 mins next week and stick at that for a bit? What do you think


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i count my daily steps and have a wii fit and go on that every day for 30-40mins. my wii fit just told me i haven't missed a days training in 8wks WOW how good did i feel hearing that


is going to loose!
On ya Scouse!

I think it's a good plan, only problem I have is increased hunger when I exercise but hoping that it will settle down soon and I can find a regular time to do it. As at the moment before dinner/mid arvo and after dinner, once I get this sorted hunger should be more manageable.

Fizzy hun, do as much as you like but just make sure if you are SSing that you listen to your body as if you exercise in ketosis you can feel faint and dizzy (as I have found I do and it has been tested in research too), hence I have had to drop my exercise.

It isn't because I am not fit enough or I dont want to- I could happily exercise for at least a couple of hours a day, but in my poor ketotic state I physcially have not got the energy in my body to pull it off :( My head and muscles are gagging to workout but my body shouts noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!



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Right I will start increasing to 45 mins from today.

I can't wait to get a Wii Fit, im having one for my birthday at the end of the month.
i go for little walks every day and do 50 sit ups and go to pole dancing classes one a week x

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