Im Meellttinngg!! :)
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Well thats it.
I just bought a cheap stepper from Argos £20, so Monday it starts. I'd say tomorrow but with the hubby and kids at home its a no go.

Plan for Monday is kick kids off to school and get to work on it for as long as i can then have my shake :rolleyes:.
I did buy that DVD with the funky tunes on but its still inthe drawer, maybe i could alternate one week of stepper with one week of the dvd ! Good thinking me lol.

Feeling hungry atm so thats why im typing, not got anything to snack on and tea will be made shortly, salad n tuna i think tonight.

Does anyone have that snack of cheese slice, ham and pickle ? Im just wondering if im doing the right amount. I usually have 2 slices of ham, well turkey ham, 1 cheese slice with a bit of pickle in, then roll it up. Is that too much ham ?

right, time for a coffee and put the eggs on to boil :) might even drink a glass of water before that coffee

Hope everyone had a good day,
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asda are doing some rally good deals on fitness equiptment at the moment. i was going to join curves but he who must be obeyed decided it was too much lol so hopefully going to buy some sort of exercise machine for the house. booo! means i dont get peace out the house lol


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Hi - I bought a stepper last year and can honestly say I've used it a couple of times...bad girl! I've also got a power plate and, again, it's simply gathering dust at the mo.

I'm not really good at doing exercise under my own steam, so I now go to 2-3 keep fit classes each week where I'm told what to do - it works for me! That said, loads of people do really well doing exercise on their own, be it equipment or dvd in their own home, and are quite disiplined - just not me!

Good luck and let us know how you get on x


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We are all different when it comes to training. I like to actually go somewhere to do my exercise. A break from work, the house etc and some much deserved me time.

We have some gym equipment at home but its mostly boxing stuff as my OH used to box and still likes to train, he uses it all the time - i love the boxing classes at the gym but the thought of standing in the garage hitting a punch bag just isnt the same lol He hates the gym, reminds him of being in the army!

Good luck with your stepper, put some funky music on and get stepping!

Maz x