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  1. adele4415

    adele4415 Full Member

    for the last month or so, i've been doing lots of exercise, walking, treadmill, cross trainer, strength training, and i'm really enjoying it. will i be able to continue such a large amount of exercise with lipo trim?

    currently i do about 60 mins of cardio a day and then about half an hours worth of strength training every other day, will i be able to continue this? or will i be tired?

    thanks in advance
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  3. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    Not for your 1st couple of weeks Hun.
    Once you are well into ketosis, you can start, and build it up to your former levels though.
    Best of luck for starting.
  4. Demaris

    Demaris Silver Member

    I get my lipotrim from a clinic (although she charges the same as a chemist) so i'm not sure what info a chemist will give you or if its different. But on my first consultation last week, we sat for about an hour and ran through everything. She mentioned about exersise and what I did on a daily basis. I told her apart from walking the dog and taking children to school not much!

    She said that was fine!! I was gobsmacked. But she went on to explain that in doing loads of exersise you could be in danger of dehydrating. Its soooo important to keep drinking water to replace the water we would normally get from food.

    She actually told me not to go mad and go to the gym etc because of this. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as for me personally i'm in that place yet.

    But coupled with the tiedness you can feel in the first few weeks you may not actually feel like it.

    But as I say, this is just info my advisor gave me, not sure what everyone elses have said :)
  5. adele4415

    adele4415 Full Member

    thank you for your advice.
    hopefully when i see an advisor i can ask them!

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