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I know with W Watchers you dont really have to exercise but they encourage it. Im just wondering what is everyone doing and how many times a week, also what pounds are u losing a week if exercising? (fat turns into muscle which is a good thing but sometimes doesnt show on the scales)
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Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya i do quite abit of exercise now,i have lost 38½lbs so far,with about 7lb to go..

I have a labrador who loves her walks so go out 3 times a day with her for ½-1hr walks,i cycle outside when its nice weather,got an indoor bike last month and am doing at least 10 miles a day.
I started running in November and can now run for 20-30mins.I also try and do workouts with the wii fitness coach 3 times a week(not this week though).
So every day i do something.

For me i find its the exersice that helps keep the weight down,my losses are slow now only ½-1lb a week.
My measurements have changed quite abit too.At the start i was B-47 W-39 H-42 T-25
Now im B-41 W-34 H-38 T-18
Some weeks i lost inches rather than lbs.
oh my god fair play, thats a load of exercise, u have lost loads, keep up the good work. Thanks for your input on what exercise you do. Trying to see the amount people are actually doing :D
hi caroline,
great to see u are back on the board, haven't been on since the end of march myself, still watching the food but i have got a new dog since you have been on last, so my 4 mile walks too much for her so i now have to do a shorter one with her and it is suiting the two of us. must start back food diary tomorrow when i am back at work and in a routine again.
how are you doing? i am down half stone sinve xmas, very slow but seems to be going ok.
ah hello, fair play, half stone lighter then me :( i just gave up but ive set myself goals now and im going to keep up to it. Have to, there is 2 or 3 i reconise when i was on in Jan and they have lost loads 2 :( so thats it, no more excuses. Ah your lil dog will build up to the distance. How many times did u do the four miles ? im just starting back tomorrow now, have my lil book to write all my food diarys into :D. Ive set myself to 2nd week of Jan, where i want to lose 3 1/2 stone. Thats just a pound a week surely to god i can do that lol
hi caroline, try the 4 mile walk 4 nights a week, weather permitting, monday to thursday, so that means only 3 walks this week since today was a bank holiday. and the other short walk with misty everyday (twice today) is for about half an hour.:D:D:D:D:D
Exercise is great for you regardless of whether you are dieting or not, but I personally feel that it does enhance the weightloss journey, even if you don't see it on the scales you will in your body shape and toneness. Although don't believe the myth about fat turning into muscles, they are two different mediums, you can burn fat and sculpt muscles but you can't convert one to the other, and muscle doesn't weigh heavier than fat, 1lb of muscle weighs the same as 1lb of fat, but muscle is denser. What happens is that when you do weight training, the muscles kinda tear and then they repair themselves when you rest (hence why rest days are equally as important as exercise days) and they repair a little minutely larger and stronger so take up more space - eventually. The more muscle you have the quicker your metabolism, another reason why weight training is really important. Also when you do anarobic exercise (weight training/bearing exercises) your metabolism is raised for longer after finishing then aerobic exercise alone.

I try to train 4 times a week, at the moment, Tuesday AM DVD, Thursday walk on Treadmill, Saturday circuits in the gym, Sunday outdoor walk - as am doing the Moonwalk in 4 weeks. When I finish the moonwalk I change it around to incorporate swimming.

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