Exercising on CD - Good Idea or Bad Idea?


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Hi Everybody :D

I just wanted to ask all the CD regulars whether they have exercised while on the CD diet. I'm a Fitness First member and would like to continue my gym sessions while on the diet. My cousellor says I should stick to cardivascular workout and I should be fine.

But has anybody attempted exercise or kept up with their gym sessions? How does it make you feel (considering the low calorie intake) and did you find it a beneficial?

I cut down my Gym sessions in the first 2 weeks to a bit of swimming.

I am now back to my 3 or 4 seesion a week of swimming and workout and feel very good for it!

I do alot of running and the cross trainer. On the first week i cut my times down by half and i felt fine. Now i am back to my full training program, which is around 5 nights a week and i haven't had any problems. BUT please be careful as i have experienced someone on the Cambridge diet have a fit. Make sure you drink plenty of water before hand.

Nick :)

I have also found that exercising has helped alot in toning up loose skin. Has saggy skin can be a problem for some dieters.
I've been fine with dancing and walking. Next week (wk 3 of SS), I'll be adding swimming to the list 2 days a week. And if that works out well, I'll be adding back my crunching and upping the walks to jogs or cycles. :)

Just remember to trust your body and give yourself a lot of rest if it needs it. Muscle is built in the interim days, not from straining them every day - that only adds acids and tears them.

Edit: Oh my I just realized this "similar thread" sent me to 2006; I hope there's someone new who cna use this now, almost 2 yrs. later....
I have been on CD for about 6 weeks and after the 1st week I started swimming. I now to 1/2 mil twice a week and also aqua aerobics (which is actually a killer!). I have found it fine and feel so much better for it !
Lol Anisha - you're just like me. But there are bound to be some of us who have been wondering, and new people wander in every day. I'm just starting week 3 and I have decided to swim for 30 minutes a week, and I have also begun training with a coach for a marathon (26miles, 42 kilometers). :)