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Exercising whilst on lipotrim?



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ive lost a rake load and done jack, but im sure exersize would definately help
You look great Nathan!
I guess I better start exercising then lol.


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You look great Nathan!
I guess I better start exercising then lol.
still got a bit to do yet, but i'll be taking care of that from the 1st august

I did excercising the last time I was on it.. and will be doing it again .. (starting LT at end of week)

The advice i got last time from members here was to do nothing too strenous and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER... !!!

Best of luck!!
Tobeaskinnyme - thank you for the advice. I think I'll do a work out every couple of days. I'm actually starting to like water now hehe :)
I've lost 11 pounds so far, had my first weigh in today, very happy :-D
11 pounds...Wow!!! I've just started today so hopefully i can do so well. I'm going to the local indoor ski slope today as a means of distraction more than anything. Also planning on going on lots of walks with the buggy...anything to keep me out of the kitchen.
Jenben1979 - the first couple of days were the hardest for me, once you get through them you'll be fine. You just have to remember why you're doing this and to drink lots of water. As it's only your first week don't do too much exercise because you won't feel so great because your body needs to adapt to the new low calorie intake. Walking is good :)
I hope you have a good week and good luck x
Thanks, I'll take it steady this week then. I'm feeling really motivated so i'm hoping to do well. How long are you planning on doing LT for? I'm wanting to shift 4 stone eeek x
Hopefully, I'd like to stay on lipotrim until the 22nd of December.
I want to lose about 5/6 stone :)
Just taking each day as it comes.
Aww good!! You're going to do well if you have motivation :-D x
im havin a debate with myself over exercisin on lipotrim. You will build muscle, which will weigh more so you wont always see high numbers dependin on what you do, but muscle burns fat quicker. Though exercise makes me hungry, n if you arent takin in enough calories which you arent on this diet you'll also burn ourself out. Also im thinkin, if you dont eat enough and exercise your body grabs onto whatever fat it can, so my thinkin is itll grab on to what little fat is in lipotrim n store it? i dunno, im all confuzzled lol x
Thank you :-D 3 more days until my 2nd weigh in x

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