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I was just wondering how you guys were getting on with incorporating exercise- I had a really expensive gym membership that I got myself before joining SW- and I have to say it had been the biggest waste of money ever.

I would like to start exercising again- I have DVDs which I do enjoy doing- but I can't find the time + I would like to work towards my Body Magic- but my consultant doesn't seem really clued up about it- can anyone help me on that front?
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Have you got a Wii?
Its an expensive buy but so worth it.
I am not a fan of gyms or exercising in public so this great for me.
I can do it in the privacy of my own home when I want to and it is really good fun.
The Wii Fit is an extra that you need to get to keep an eye on your weight and do all the fun games along with normal aerobics and yoga, but there are so many other excercising games you can get for it.
I really enjoy the Just Dance games and just heard that Zumba on the Wii is being released on the 1st April.
Like I said it is an expensive buy if you dont already own one but well worth it in the long run, and cheaper than a gym membership!
Hope this helps.

Bymbo xxx


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if you enjoy being outside - then walking is wonderful excercise - and free.

Body Magic doesn't have to be about exercise in the common way it's thought about though - it's adding activity into your life that you didn't have before. That could be washign the car by hand where you used to take it to a valet/car-wash, gardening if you didn't do that before. All sorts of extra activity - providing it gets your heart pumping a bit more and up and active - it doesn't have to be a gym or a pool.



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I joined a gym last wednesday and tbh it isn't that expensive which is good.
And i have been 4 times already which is VERY good for me!!
Got to admit tho i need lots of motivation to go but once i'm there im fine :)
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I also joined a gym 2 weeks ago and TBH i love it (at the moment).
Only problem is im not loosing as quickly as id hoped.
Lost 1lb last week and only 0.5lb this week and that was doing 3-4 sessions each week, but i'll keep on trying. Think im going to put a food diary up to see if anyone can spot something im doing or not doing.


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I'd suggest that you sit down and think realistically through a typical day and work out where you can fit the exercise in.

Can you fit in a half hour DVD in the morning before work (if you do work)? For example, I get up at 7.30 and don't need to leave the house until 8.45 - which is, if I make myself actually move rather than sitting on the sofa and feeling like death (I hate mornings!), plenty of time to fit in the half hour Jillian Michaels DVD I'm doing at the moment and have a five-minute shower, as well as breakfast etc. after.

During the day, do you have a chance to go on a fifteen minute walk at a good pace? I have my lunch, and then I leave the office and take a walk to get the blood moving!

Or how about after work? I used to think that going to the gym after work would take up most of the evening - but if my gym bag is packed and ready to go, I can go out and do 30 mins and be back home at the same sort of time I'd usually start dinner. (What would I have done with that time otherwise? Had a cup of tea and watched some telly probably!)

Hope these examples help!

As for body magic awards, for bronze you need to do 45 mins of exercise a week, over at least 3 days (eg 15 mins x 3 days), maintained for a month. Silver is 6 sessions of 15 mins or 3 of 30, spread over 3-5 days, maintained for 4 weeks. Gold is 5 sessions of 30 mins over 5 days, maintained for 8 weeks. I think the main idea behind body magic is to build up slowly and to make being active pretty much every day a habit rather than a chore!
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I have an exercise bike and do 4 miles first thing in the morning before my shower and 4 miles later in the day. So far that has helped me lose 3 1/2 stone. It only take 15 mins each time. I watch the morning news at the same time and the time goes fast.


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I would like to work towards my Body Magic- but my consultant doesn't seem really clued up about it- can anyone help me on that front?
In all seriousness I would find a one that was and change your group if at all possible.

BM is a fundamental basic any consultant worth their salt should know this backwards!
Find something you really enjoy. Does your gym membership include classes. I found I cannot motivate myself to get in the gym but tried some classes then a few more and have found so many that I enjoy now that I make time for them and cancel other less important things (for me watching easteners was important tho hehehe) I even have to alternate my classes now there are so many I want to do in a week and not enough nights
My consultant is quite new- and just got her certificates. I dont feel supported on the exercise front though but the eating advice she gives are great and I really enjoy going to meetings.

Im a student- so getting equipment im not sure how realistic it would be? I would have to move out of my house for this summer and could I really get an excersise bike and treak it around? Im also extremely poor and in debt :( So I don't know - depends on whether my parents are willing to help.

I have to admit that excercising seems like there is never enough time. Exams are coming up soon- and I get really stressed- so I know I should be out doign something!!

At the moment I am absolutely exhausted- doing exercise on top of it- seems like a complete nightmare- I just want a little something to get started- I am already doing changed like walking to work, taking the stairs instead of the lift ect...

I want to do something more strenuous- without having to go to the gym


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How about buying a couple 10kg weights - I do arm exercises twice a week and although they are heavy, you really work your muscles. Do this and some power walks/jogs and you will be making a good effort. Do you have an iPod? Downloading podcasts and audio books keeps you motivated and exercising without even realising xx


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Darkangel, you say you're a student. Aren't there free facilities you can use? Or don't such things exist any more? It's a long time since I was a student lol


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I've just got rid of my gym membership to save money so have had to change how I exercise (when I can be bothered - I'm not a big gym bunny!). I now do 2 zumba classes a week which I really enjoy. I go with my friend and it's so funny, I've never enjoyed exercising this much! I've also started jogging round the block - not very far, and I'm usually back within 10 minutes but I'm hoping I can build it up. At the minute I am trying to do the whole thing without stopping (at a very slow jogging pace), so could probably go further if I walked in between. Once I got over my irrational fear of people seeing me I was fine. A friend of mine pointed out that people might see me jog past and recognise me, but they'd have forgotten about it 2 minutes later. So now I'm not bothered, I just put on my ipod and away I go. The feeling afterwards is so worth it! :)


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£4.99 on Amazon... Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD... its 20 minutes a day, and absolutely brilliant... get involved! Cheap, doesn't take long to do and a bunch of us are doing it together (check out Team Shreddies on the Teams section) xxxxxx


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I have very little spare cash for exercise but easily fit it in to my week even with two small children to look after. I got to Zumba once a week (£5), I either do an exercise DVD or dance fitness on my Wii (free) or I go out jogging. Its hard work getting yourself in the mood initially and you really have to push yourself to do it in the first few weeks but once you are into it, it's good fun. It also boosts your mood and makes you feel less tired, sounds strange but it's true. I have gone from a complete couch potato at the beginning of Feb to someone who exercises 5-6 days a week and I really enjoy it. I can see the difference too in my body, I'm starting to slim down in lots of places even though my weight is coming off slowly. I'm even going to sign up for a 5k run soon!!!

Exercise is a VERY important part of weight loss, you can loose without doing any but it will slow down and you won't tone up any left over flabby bits.
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I have recently started Aqua fit, once a week and have found that I absolutely love it. I can thoroughly recommend it.


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The last time I lost weight I swam a lot but I didn't keep it up and that is probably part of the issue why I've put weight back on again - most pools have students rates so give it a try because it really does help.

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