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Discussion in 'Exante' started by nousername, 6 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. nousername

    nousername Full Member


    I am about to enter day 5 of exante, it appears to be working but eventually I'd like to come off on to normality again.

    Is it possible to slowly move from exante TS to a low carb diet, my planning would be to do 2 shakes and a low carb meal and go to 1 shake then become low carb.

    Is it better to just go onto something like SW after?

    A long way off being at that point, but dreaming of eating a big lump of steak... :)
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  3. PsYcHo LiLLY

    PsYcHo LiLLY Full Member

    Hi Mouser
    Well done on your weightloss so far.
    All I can advice is go look on exante's own forum theres a link on the exante page and theres always someone there from exante who is a nutrionist who can help with any questions.
    All the best with the rest of your journey
    LiL x
  4. Mr Determined

    Mr Determined Full Member

    Hey nousername, It looks like we're starting from similar points and have the same plan! Having tried numerous diets before carbs are always my downfall so I also plan to go low carb afterwards and will transition to Atkins once my BMI is under 25. I haven't done Atkins before so am currently reading the book on my kindle and having a look at that section of the forum. If you look on the exante website there is a 'stabilisation and maintenance' plan where you basically transition up through the plans but this aims to get you out of ketosis and to eating a 'normal' amount of carbs again so I'm going to follow Atkins instead which has 4 phases which start you off with small amount and then introduce you to different types of carbs and by the end it aims to give you whatever amount of carbs your body can tolerate whilst still remaining in ketosis (at least from what I understand so far) HTH and good luck!
  5. nousername

    nousername Full Member

    Hey, thanks for the responses. Definitely think based on this atkins might be in order then transitioning onto the red plan for SW (and some more normality).

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