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explaining- what my mum doesnt know !!


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Morning all, I thought I had better come on and explain what that post (what my mum doesnt know) was all about .

Me and my daughter went out shopping yesterday, I wanted to wear something different as I am always wearing my same old elasticated black skirt and the same one-of-three tops . I thought I would wear a red skirt and my red and black flowery top....well...... The skirt made me look like my mother so daughter told me that it wants binning :eek:. The top ... well you could see my bra and it had turned into a 'off the shoulder number !!'
So I couldnt wear them... so I put on the black skirt and the old top as usual.
Daughter said that when we got to town we would be trying on some clothes !!.
The last time I did this (about 4/5 weeks ago) nothing under a size 28 would fit me ,so I thought ok dear ,now I will prove to you that I am still the blooming same !!
So we got to town ,went into number ...
1- EVANS... tried on a cardigan.....size 22:eek::eek:,.......wot ???it fitted me ??? how ?.. we also tried on a pair of jeans (I am a 28 in my jeans) they were a size 22 and the were too big round bum and legs but fitted on the waist ...just luck
2-Marks and Spencer (posh shop lol)......tried on a cardigan (they only went up to a size 22)...I thought right , heres the prove ...and NOOOOOO it fitted !!!! whats going on ??...still luck !!
number 3...PEACOCKS...size 22 AHA!!!! prove ..it didnt fit !! see I told you!! at last I had proved my point ... couldn't get the cardigan round my bangers !!
I was told (by daughter to shut up !!)..it was only 1 shop out of 3.(slap taken !!!)
Final shop..
4-BON MARCHE- now here I knew nothing fitted cos I am so in need of a new coat (I dont have one , only a manky old grey fleece that I refuse to wear -unless its snowing). I have tried on their biggest sizes 26 and I know they dont fit - so I knew I was gonna wipe the smile off her face and win this one !!....
she grabbed a 'Granny coat'' LOL as she called it !!...size 22 ....I was like yeh bring it on it aint gonna fit !!..
The dam thing fitted ....oh no defeated !!!
I was like a crushed woman ....some one has been changing labels , and it aint funny !!.Its not right I have never been a size 22 ... I skipped that size years ago and went straight to a 28/30.
So today girls I have decided to go out on my own and try some ....err ahem....size 22 on and see if I was dreaming or not - cos I still cannot believe this..
I shall report back lata !!
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fantastic, enjoy your day hunni, you have done so well, treat yourself to something nice.xx

just come back to add this time last year i was a size 20 and am now a 12, i still go into shops picking up a 12 and thinking i will end up taking it back coz it wont fit.lol seems to take a while for our heads to catch up with our bodies.xx


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That is fab alice!!!! Well done!!! Can i ask if all your 28's had elasticated waists, if so then it would still cling into you if you know what i mean so you have always thought that you are that size so you just kept buying that size. But you have lost a good bit of weight so yes you are a 22!! Well done, don't you feel fabby, keep up the good work!!! I seem to be a size 19 at the moment lol, just can't get out of the 20 into the 18 yet :( x


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Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and i think your daughter is lovely!

Have a good day today trying on all the clothes.


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bless you!
you made me smile


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That is fab alice!!!! Well done!!! Can i ask if all your 28's had elasticated waists, if so then it would still cling into you if you know what i mean so you have always thought that you are that size so you just kept buying that size.
now you come to mention it ...yes they are all elasticated .. I didnt think of that DUH !!
Just something else I want to say .....
I have got on my Brand new scales this morning and for the first time in 24 years I am weighing in at 16st 13lbs OMG
when I got married 24 years ago I weighed 11 stone ....I am so happy to see 16 !!! again LOL


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Alice, thank goodness for our kids!! (sometimes!)
Enjoy shopping for your new wardrobe and great result on the scales!
Jay xx
just got back from shopping....
I got
2 skirts- 1 pale green ,the other is olive green
and a Coat !!!!, its a dark brown short mac type one .
Itried a few on ,but because I cant be doing with being hot this was the only one that was thin. I also didnt want to spend a fortune on a coat , so this one was in the sale at £10.00 reduced from £30.00 !!
and it s a 22/24 nearest I could get !!
To be quite honest I have forgotten how to shop for clothes, I still seem to be going for the big old granny stuff !!
I had EXACTLY this argument with my husband a couple of weeks ago- he kept insisting I was a 16 now and I said no way- and to proove it I got out all my old smaller clothes from the back of the wardrobe, saying "see this is a 16 and it is far too small" He then made me try them on and they all fit- I was really annoyed too!

I guess in my head I still didn't truly believe it! (I even argued that the only reason the must fit me is because I have stretched them in the past!)

It only sunk in last week when I went shopping for trousers- they had nice ones but not in an 20 or 18- I took the 16 in the changing rooms convinced they wouldn't fit.........and they were actually a little big.

Hubby now looks incredibly smug- it must be the 1st time ever in our 7 years together that he has actually been right ----- damn!

Congratulations on no longer being in denial, mate! xxxx


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