Extended Fasting


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Good Afternoon!

I am new to the forum and did not notice a spot for extended fasters. I hope in the future anyone who does fasting over 24 hours can use this thread to share the unique struggles of extended fasting.

I started extended fasting in year 2020. It starting with just testing the waters but I quickly became attached and intrigued by extended fasting. The budding research in benefits like insulin sensitivity and autophagy are very interesting to me. This year (2022) I decided to stick to plan that I tested out for a few months that seems to work well for me. Each week I do a 34 hour fast and an 82 hour fast.

I usually weigh in every other week. I would love to hear your stories...otherwise I imagine I will be talking to myself for a while. 😆
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Hi Rosie105 and welcome to Minimins!

I have noticed a few posters over the last year mentioning extended fasts but I don’t think they post at the moment.

I personally cannot face extended fasting. I do intermittent fasting from 6pm to 8am on my on plan days and I hope that will give me some benefit with regard to insulin etc


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The health and weight loss benefits of extended fasting have shown to not be that much after 24 hours of fasting so I don't do any more than 24 hours anymore.