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Extra Easy: Any advice on ready meals or things i can eat without cooking that are low in syns?

I am not allowed to use the oven or stove for a week as my partner and I live with my dad and he has 3 friends staying with him for a week so he has asked us to leave the kitchen for them. I am only home in the evenings when they are making dinner so I am trying to find other alternatives for a week. I had sushi for lunch yesterday and nandos for dinner but what other options are there so i can stay on plan this week?
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That sounds a bit unfair - what about the microwave for things like jackets, packet pasta in sauces, packet rices etc?
Lol not kidding! Slow cooker is a good idea I need to go and buy one. What packet rices are free on Slimming world? I tried the online syn checker but it was giving me random things lol! I have mugshots and pasta n sauce
P.S. I cant wait to be able to live in my own flat. Just need my business to get on its feet so i can start saving a bit of money!


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Why can't you use the kitchen before of after they've cooked their evening meal?! Seems a little unreasonable to expect you not to cook for a whole week when you live there... anyways I agree a slow cooker is probably your best bet if you're just doing one meal there. Bachelors rice packets are free but you need to cook them on the hob.
Well i can technically cook after they have finished but they are all hanging around smoking and drinking in there afterwards and it gets to about 21:30-22:00 by which time i dont fancy cooking a meal lol! so annoying i cant wait to leave!
Lol not kidding! Slow cooker is a good idea I need to go and buy one. What packet rices are free on Slimming world? I tried the online syn checker but it was giving me random things lol! I have mugshots and pasta n sauce
I almost don't wanna give you advice here. Its feels like I'm enabling your dad in this TOTALLY & COMPLETELY UNFAIR scenario. madness

All the batchlours savory rices re free. There are also plain rice noodles which just have to be soaked in boiling water. You can also buy frozen veg in little bags which you can microwave from frozen. In fact where do you live>? I've got a camping stove you can borrow if you're close enough!
kingleds I'm in North London where do you live? I'll definitely try the batchelors rice! I've had the batchelor noodles pre Slimming world are they free? They are soooooo good! Lol unfortunately my dad has always been a bit selfish! It's not his fault really as my parents are divorced and I lived hours away with my mum until I was an adult so now he suddenly has an adult daughter to look after lol! xxx
I could mummyshelleycat but as they are going home on Sunday its only a few days more and I work around 10 hours a day so no time to plan before Sunday anyway! I will just be careful and eat what i can on plan and hope for the best!
Im a little bit shocked as I have 4 children (from 20 down to 13) and wouldnt dream of giving them a restriction like that, especially if you are working so many hours.All I can say is maybe salads with lovely lean meat may be a good idea, you could always have a mugshot for supper. When they've left the kitchen, boil some eggs for the next day and maybe make cous cous for next day to go with your salad xx
Aw thanks for the advice everyone! Maybe it's his way of saying to me he wants me to get on my own feet cos I hVe just turned 26 but it's not like I'm being lazy it's because I've just set up my own business with a lot of overheads so I don't have a steady income yet. Eggs are a brilliant idea actually I will definitely boil some tomorrow evening! Thanks for the great tip!


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Tesco has some of their Healthy Living range ready meals. Some of them that are low syns are:

Tesco, Healthy Living Chicken with Tomato & Basil Sauce, chilled 400g pack, 200g each: 1/2 Syn on EE and Red. I have had this and it was lush.
Tesco, Healthy Living Tomato & Mozzarella Pasta Bake, chilled , 400g pack: 1.5 Syns on EE
Tesco, Healthy Living Szechuan Chicken Noodles, frozen , 350g pack: 3.5 Syns on EE
Tesco, Healthy Living Chicken & Prawn Paella with Chorizo, chilled , 380g pack: 4.5 Syns on EE

Hope this helps.



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No problem, the chilled ones are £2.75 and 3 for 2. The frozen ones are £1.20 and 3 for 2. Well they was the other week xx

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