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Extra Easy Diet (My first time)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by sophlbx, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Hi all,

    This is probably my 100000th time of joining slimming world, the only problem is I usually follow the green and red diet - I said that to my consultant but she said the extra easy is so much easier (hence the 'extra easy'), but I just don't understand how they can totally change the diet, it's mad!

    But I promised her I'd have a go and I had my first day on it yesterday, which was okay, not sure if I done it right?


    Weetabix (HeX B)
    350ML Skimmed milk (HeX A)
    with 1 banana (super-free)


    Chicken with Wholemeal pasta (with some passata)



    Jacket Potatoe (no dressings or butter)
    with quorn mince and passata
    and salad (lettuce, carrots, cucumber).

    1 Trebor mint (1 syn)
    2 tic tacs (not sure, guessing not alot).

    No added sugar Squash and water

    If anyone has any tips please let me know!

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  3. bubbalicious

    bubbalicious Silver Member


    I am the same, I know SW like the back of my hand but always done red or green days. I do the odd Extra Easy day in my week, for example, Monday to Friday I do red or Green then the weekends are Extra Easy as its a little bit more flexible if I go out somewhere.

    Your diary looks good! Good luck!
  4. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

    It looks good but you don't seem to have many syns in there. You should be aiming for between 5 and 15 syns a day but I can only see 1 in your list above. Could you add a few more in somewhere? I often use my syns for things like margarine on a jacket potato, some salad dressing or a treat such as some Mikado sticks. Syns are just as important to aid weight loss as the free food and healthy extras so try to get enough syns in per day.
  5. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    It is very hard to get your head round once you know a different thing - but hopefully it works! x
  6. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    I was thinking this, but whenever I'm having syns I feel naughty, maybe I'll slip some in today somewhere, thanks for the tipsx x
  7. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

    I think it's important to get out of the mindset of feeling guilty when you eat syns. There's a limit on the number you can have each day, which allows you to have guilt-free treats. I've been there on previous diets and I've felt guilty about eating nice things but after depriving yourself of things like that for a while, it gets too hard and that's when the binges start, you beat yoursself up about being bad and convince yourself that you can't do it. By having the syns, it lets you still eat what you want in moderation without the guilt and without the weight gain. This is definitely a lifestyle change, not a quick fix diet. I couldn't go the rest of my life without chocolate, margarine, white bread, crisps etc. and by being on SW it means you don't have to. Try to get some more syns into your diet and don't feed guilty about it.
  8. julez77

    julez77 Member

    Hi all ive just strted sw again third time lol lost 4 stone in the previous gos at it but put the 4 stone bk on now grrr:cry:
  9. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    I think your diary looks really good, though agree a few more syns wouldn't hurt.

    Just in case you don't see the result you want, you do need to make sure that most mealtimes you are having your 1/3 superfree either before the meal, or actually on the plate - it looks like maybe at lunchtime you had the fruit after the chicken/pasta? As well as helping you feel full, the 1/3 superfree is the way you limit the free food portions (though you're allowed to go up for 2nds and 3rds if you're hungry as long as you still have 1/3 superfree!) This recommendation is key to the EE plan.

    I think the reason they changed the diet was that a) it's easier so people are even more likely to stick to it, and more like a long-term plan for life and b) SW seems to be quite good at evolving based on new scientific research. Back in the day, there was a lot of talk about 'food combining' (eg not mixing certain kinds of food) and a lot of emphasise on low-carb diets, so Red and Green diets made more sense, but the thinking is changing. Red and Green can still work well eg if you're veggie or don't like to eat a lot of carbs every day. But for many people, having just 1 Hex instead of 2 and following the 1/3 rule but having a wider choice of food may work better.
  10. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Hi Gwella,

    Yes I had the fruit after my chicken and pasta but read through some things and I should be having that before I eat shouldn't I?

    Today for example, I have eggs, spinach, tomatoes, onions all before I ate my jacket potatoe? Does that sound okay?
  11. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Today I have had so far:


    2 Weetabix (HeX B)
    350 Skimmed milk (HeX A)
    with chopped banana
    blackerries, kiwi and blueberries. (free)

    Jackpotatoe with beans, tomatoe, red onion, boiled egg and spinach (free)

    Salmon & Quinoa protein pot from pret (1 syn)

    I have no clue what to have for dinner though....

    Something VERY easy, as mums out tonight... does anyone have any ideas?
  12. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Yes, that's probably closer to the ideal!
  13. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    For dinner I had the grilled chicken and salad out of a kebab no pitta or sauce... Hopefully that's not any syns but who knows? X
  14. joedenise

    joedenise Target Member

    You really need to be having the Syns - they are part of the plan. If you don't have at least 5 a day you are not following the plan properly.

    You should be OK with the chicken & salad from kebab.

    When I first started SW I found it difficult to use my syns - it goes against everything you expect from a diet, doesn't it? If I hadn't had anything by the evening I used to end up having a glass of wine for 6 syns, LOL! Not the best use of syns probably, but have to say I still enjoy the odd glass or two of red!

  15. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Hi Denise,

    Thanks for this - I know this now I have been having some Choci buscuits before I go to bed as my syns if I do not hve any in the day! It does go against everything I know as a diet but I have been writing things down so hopefully it will make me see when I'm having my syns and not!


    2 whole meal bread (HeX b)
    fries egg in frylight

    snacks: orange, banana, apple

    dinner: roast potatoes cooked in fri light, chicken and carrots, broccoli, baby sweetcorn and bean shoots!

    late night snack: skimmed milk (heX a) and 2 Choci digestive buscuits (8 syns)

    looks okay!! Xx
  16. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Hi all,

    Today has been good so far I think, and for once I actually feel full up!

    2 Weetabix (HEx B)
    350 Skimmed Milk (HEx A)
    with rasberries, banana and blueberries (free)

    Clementine & Apple

    Tuna salad - tuna (in water), lettuce, tomatoes, soya beans, carrott, onion (free)
    with 2 tble spoons of lighter than light mayo (2 syns)

    Snack: Raspberries

    Planning on having slimming world burgers with maybe a jacket potatoe or slimming world chips and veg?

    Maybe a nighttime choci digestive too! (4 syns MAYBE)

  17. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    2 Weetabix (HeX B)
    350ml Skimmed Milk (HeX A)
    with blueberries and a banana (free)

    Ham salad:
    Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrott, peppers, soya beans (free)
    with light balsamic vineger (free)
    Pineapple (free)

    70g ham
    tangerine (free)
    apple (free)
    Minstrels 42g 10.5 syns

    I am going to have salmon, salad (left over from earlier) and was going to have batchelors rice which is free on xtra easy?
    Is this still aloud as extra easy or will I have to syn this because I haven't had green food today?

    Syns: 10.5 x

    Can someone let me know :)!!!!!
    Last edited: 14 January 2014
  18. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    You've only had one HexA and one HexB and seem to have had about 1/3 superfree with each meal so you can switch to Extra Easy for the day if you want to and have some rice for dinner without synning it, yes.
  19. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Yay thank god! - Just got myself a pack of minstrels too! 10 and a half syns, I'll be so dissapointed if I haven't lost any weight!x
  20. sophlbx

    sophlbx Member

    Also, I'm not sure if anyone can help but my boyfriends just asked me if we can make smoothies tonight! I've just ate a bloody bag of minstrels (10.5 syns) and I know that most smoothies are synned, does anyone know a syn free smoothie or low syn smoothie?!!??!?!?! xx
  21. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    If you did one that was mostly vegetables it would be lower in syns than a fruit one. If free vegetables are pureed they are still free (like soup) but if juiced they will have a few syns. Also you could use fatfree yoghurt to bulk it up.

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