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Extra Easy: Food Diary-Thoughts-Exercise-My Journey :)

Hi everyone,
Soit's my 2nd week of slimming world and im really enjoying it, i feel so much better from eating well but like us all, i have had bad days- even already!! Theres no point in pretending it's easy, because every day is a challenge, but we need to take one day at a time. Unfortunatley some weeks we maintain, some weeks we might even gain and others we lose. But the important thin is to always get back up and keep trying no matter what- otherwise this is when the trouble starts, and trust me, I know!

Im 5ft 6, and am currently 11st 0.5lbs (at my last weigh in 2 yesterday). However, I have always had issues with my weight, when I was about 17 I was at my heaviest when I weighed about 13 stone. When I was in university I started to run and at this point I weighed about 12 stone. At first, running was a major struggle, I was so self conscious that I would only run at night time when it was dark so nobody would see me. Over the space of about 10 months I lost 2 stone, and was an avid runner, this is when my food problem started. I obsessed over what I ate, and what I drank..downing about 5L of water a day and only eating egg whites, veg, and chicken. In the space of about 6 weeks my weight went to its lowest ever, at 8stone 11lbs. Looking back, I shouldve been happy with this weight, but I wasn't I still thought I was fat, had a horrific relationship with food and terrible relationships- especially with my boyfriend at the time. I was moody, irritable and never wanted to go out. I remember one time I totally flipped out with him because he went to the shop to buy milk and brought me back a Milky Way as a surprise. Looking back I don't know how he tolerated me.
Anyway, basically I ended up going on a family holiday and literally ATE FOR TWO WEEKS. I wasn't on a sun holiday (although I was in Peurto Banus), I was essentially on a food holiday...which extended for a number of weeks, my food habits spiralled out of control, I couldn't cope, to make matters worse my knees were in tatters from over exercising (DO NOT RUN ON ROADS PEOPLE!!) so I couldnt even attempt to counter act some of my poor eating habits with some exercise.

Anyway, numerous fads, and many chocolate binges later, here I am, back to square 1. Im currently 11st 0.5lbs, am a new member of Slimming World. My goal is to lose weight the healthy way, at about 2lbs/week, have a healthy relationship with food, and enjoy life. Not persecuting myself for food I've eaten, draw the line under a 'bad' day and move swiftly onwards. My ultimate aim is to reach 9 stone again. But most importantly to be happy, healthy and be comfortable in my own skin.

We can do it!
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Yes we can!
I plan to restart too, will join online later this week.
Good Luck x

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