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Extra Easy Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Miss Kate, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone :)

    This is my second time doing Slimming World, the first time I think I only lasted a week! I just couldn't keep it up as I was eating everything around me. I spent a long time gearing myself up for loosing weight in 2014 and I booked a sun holiday last night for June so I can't put it off any longer!
    A bit about me- I'm from Ireland and I work as a support worker. I lost weight a couple of years ago and reached 10.7 stone. I maintained this for a while and was really happy and looked so much better. When I finished college I started piling on weight again and now I am (depressingly) back to the highest weight I was before of just over 12 stone.
    My aims are to get back to around 10 stone for my holiday in June. I'm going away for a week in Feb also so that's my short term goal! I'm a week on Slimming World so far and have lost a few pounds already. Some days I find it really hard to stick to as I love a lot of foods that are high in syns. At the moment I am using my syns weekly. I know some people say you shouldn't do this but it seems to work better for me so I'm going to continue to do it until I think it's affecting my losses!
    This week I'm going to aim to start exercising a lot more as I'm dying to speed up my losses and start working my way back down. Trying not to think about the fact I'm in the exact same place I was a couple of years ago...
    I'm going to post my food from my first week so any feedback would be really really really appreciated!
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  3. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Thursday 2nd January (Week 1 Day 1)

    Breakfast- Bowl of mixed fruit (sf)

    Lunch- Two slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB), slice of ham (f), grated reduced fat cheese (HEXA), peppers (sf) and lettuce (sf)

    Dinner- Beef pieces (f), mushroom (sf), pepper (sf), onion (sf) and beansprouts (sf) stirfried in low cal spray (f), nam pla (f) and soy sauce (f)

    Snack- Banana (sf) and grapes (sf) in fat free yogurt (f) with honey (3 syns)

    Total syns today: 3
    Feedback- Felt really full all day!
  4. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Friday 3rd January (Week 1 Day 2)

    Breakfast- Two slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB), ham (f), reduced fat cheese (HEXA), lettuce (sf)

    Lunch- Chicken (f), bacon (f), salad leaves (sf), Caesar dressing and spoon of coleslaw (10 syns?)

    Snack- Banana (sf), grapes (sf), fat free yogurt (f), squeeze of honey (1 syn)

    Dinner- 1/2 chicken breast (f), bacon (f), baby potatoes (f), sweetcorn (f), oil (2 syns)

    Supper- Egg (f) in a cup with reduced fat cheese (rest of HEXA). Grapes (sf) in fat free yogurt (f)

    Syns used today- 13. Syns used this week- 16/105
    Feedback- Very small dinner but filled up with a little supper. Was hungrier today than yesterday but resisted leftover chocolate from Christmas!
  5. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your diet. your food diary looks fab, I will keep checking back to see how your getting on and hope to hear your great results :) x
  6. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Our goals are very similar so I'll be following your diary too! :)
  7. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Saturday 4th January (Week 1 Day 3)

    Breakfast- Bacon with fat (4 syns), 2 boiled eggs (f), two slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB)

    Lunch- Two slices of ham (f), lettuce (sf), small bit of light ceasar dressing (f), reduced fat grated cheese (HEXA). Banana (sf).

    Dinner- Homemade chicken curry (f), homemade chips (2 syns for small bit of oil), homemade garlic bread (5 syns), boiled rice (f)

    Snacks- Small caramel square (6 syns), 2 chocolate Kimberly biscuits (9 syns)

    Total syns today- 26. Total syns this week- 42/105
    Feedback- Thought today was very good considering it was a Saturday and I was at my boyfriend's parents for dinner. There was chocolate everywhere!!! Glad I kept track of my syns and didn't do my usual where I think I've ruined my day so I might as well keep going and eat as much as I want. Didn't have enough superfree foods today need to keep on top of that!
  8. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Well-Known Member

    Yes we do have very similar targets, will definitely continue to follow your journey. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated :)
    Yum, home made garlic bread, sounds fab.x
  9. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Sunday 5th January (Week 1 Day 4)

    Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs (f) 2 slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB)

    Snack- Banana (sf)

    Lunch- Lettuce (sf), low fat caesar dressing (.5 syns), reduced fat cheese (HEXA), 2 slices of ham (f)

    Snack- Grapes (sf) and fat free yogurt (f)

    Dinner- Bacon (2 syns), boiled rice (f), mushrooms (sf), onion (sf), pepper (sf), soy sauce (f)

    Supper- Tray of chips with cheese (17 syns), galaxy caramel (12 syns)

    Total syns today- 31.5. Total syns this week- 73.5/105
    Feedback- Ate very small portions today. Had an AWFUL day in work was a bit traumatised when I came home so boyfriend got us chipper and chocolate. I tried not to go too mad and synned everything. Drawing a line under it and having no takeaway apart from that :)
  10. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Monday 6th January (Week 1 Day 5)

    Breakfast- Banana (sf)

    Lunch- Lettuce (sf), caesar dressing (.5 syn), chicken (f)

    Snack- Strawberries (sf) and blackberries (sf) muller light (f)

    Dinner- Salmon (f), noodles (f), peppers (sf), broccolli (sf), oil (HEXB), small pork rib (2 syns)

    Snack- Muller light (f), strawberries (sf), feta cheese (HEXA)

    Syns used today- 2.5. Total syns so far this week- 76/105
    Feedback- Was very hungry going to bed! Need to eat bigger portions of free and superfree foods.
  11. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Tuesday 7th January (Week 1 Day 6)

    Breakfast- Banana (sf) and muller light (f)

    Lunch- salad leaves (sf), tomato (sf), cucumber (sf), 3 ryvita (HEXB), 2 boiled eggs (f), salad dressing (2 syns)

    Dinner- Pasta (f), onion (sf), egg (f), bacon (2 syns), light cream cheese (HEXA), parmesan (3 syns)

    Snack- Galaxy bubbles (8 syns)

    Total syns today: 16. Total syns so far this week: 92/105
    Feedback- Loved my dinner! Was still feeling a bit peckish in the evening. Got my chocolate fix for not too many syns :)
  12. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Wednesday 8th January (Week 1 Day 7)

    Breakfast- Banana (sf)

    Lunch- Ham (f), salad leaves (sf), tomato (sf), caesar dressing (2 syns), parmesan cheese (HEXA)

    Snack- Apple (sf) orange (sf)

    Dinner- Two quorn sausages (2 syns), mushrooms (sf), beans (f), scrambled egg (f)

    Snack- Bellona bar (6 syns)

    Total syns today: 10. Total syns for this week: 102/105

    Feedback: Really happy with food choices today. Overall, felt I had an ok week. I think I need to be a bit stricter with what bread I'm eating as well as weighing cheese etc. The main thing I want to work on in the coming weeks is more exercise. I have a gym membership that I haven't been using at all! I think it'll really help my losses especially if I am going over my syns sometimes.
  13. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Well-Known Member

    Thursday 9th January (Week 2 Day 1)

    Breakfast- Banana. Beans and a sesame bagel.

    Lunch- Salad leaves, feta, tomato and ham

    Snack- Four cookies. Small bowl of boiled rice and homemade curry.

    Dinner- Mushroom soup (starter), Chicken burger with couple of chips (main), half a banoffi sundae (dessert)
    Drinks- One mojito and one chocolate martini

    As you can see I didn't syn today! I knew I was going out for dinner and decided to try and be on plan for the day but relax a bit at dinner time without going overboard. It kind of worked! Apart from the cookies I had in work :rolleyes: We were going for a three course meal, it was yum!
    Generally when I go out for dinner I feel like I've ruined my diet and never get back into it the next day but this time that didn't happen! I think this is a learning process. I'm definitely not being perfect but am trying to adapt new ways of eating so I can maintain my weight when I get to target. I think this is the first time I didn't eat loads during the day because I knew I wasn't technically following anything then have a huge dinner. I also think my appetite is starting to shrink a bit! :innocent0001:

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