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Extra Easy Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Miss Kate, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Hi everyone :)

    This is my second time doing Slimming World, the first time I think I only lasted a week! I just couldn't keep it up as I was eating everything around me. I spent a long time gearing myself up for loosing weight in 2014 and I booked a sun holiday last night for June so I can't put it off any longer!
    A bit about me- I'm from Ireland and I work as a support worker. I lost weight a couple of years ago and reached 10.7 stone. I maintained this for a while and was really happy and looked so much better. When I finished college I started piling on weight again and now I am (depressingly) back to the highest weight I was before of just over 12 stone.
    My aims are to get back to around 10 stone for my holiday in June. I'm going away for a week in Feb also so that's my short term goal! I'm a week on Slimming World so far and have lost a few pounds already. Some days I find it really hard to stick to as I love a lot of foods that are high in syns. At the moment I am using my syns weekly. I know some people say you shouldn't do this but it seems to work better for me so I'm going to continue to do it until I think it's affecting my losses!
    This week I'm going to aim to start exercising a lot more as I'm dying to speed up my losses and start working my way back down. Trying not to think about the fact I'm in the exact same place I was a couple of years ago...
    I'm going to post my food from my first week so any feedback would be really really really appreciated!
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  3. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Thursday 2nd January (Week 1 Day 1)

    Breakfast- Bowl of mixed fruit (sf)

    Lunch- Two slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB), slice of ham (f), grated reduced fat cheese (HEXA), peppers (sf) and lettuce (sf)

    Dinner- Beef pieces (f), mushroom (sf), pepper (sf), onion (sf) and beansprouts (sf) stirfried in low cal spray (f), nam pla (f) and soy sauce (f)

    Snack- Banana (sf) and grapes (sf) in fat free yogurt (f) with honey (3 syns)

    Total syns today: 3
    Feedback- Felt really full all day!
  4. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Friday 3rd January (Week 1 Day 2)

    Breakfast- Two slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB), ham (f), reduced fat cheese (HEXA), lettuce (sf)

    Lunch- Chicken (f), bacon (f), salad leaves (sf), Caesar dressing and spoon of coleslaw (10 syns?)

    Snack- Banana (sf), grapes (sf), fat free yogurt (f), squeeze of honey (1 syn)

    Dinner- 1/2 chicken breast (f), bacon (f), baby potatoes (f), sweetcorn (f), oil (2 syns)

    Supper- Egg (f) in a cup with reduced fat cheese (rest of HEXA). Grapes (sf) in fat free yogurt (f)

    Syns used today- 13. Syns used this week- 16/105
    Feedback- Very small dinner but filled up with a little supper. Was hungrier today than yesterday but resisted leftover chocolate from Christmas!
  5. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Good luck with your diet. your food diary looks fab, I will keep checking back to see how your getting on and hope to hear your great results :) x
  6. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Thank you! Our goals are very similar so I'll be following your diary too! :)
  7. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Saturday 4th January (Week 1 Day 3)

    Breakfast- Bacon with fat (4 syns), 2 boiled eggs (f), two slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB)

    Lunch- Two slices of ham (f), lettuce (sf), small bit of light ceasar dressing (f), reduced fat grated cheese (HEXA). Banana (sf).

    Dinner- Homemade chicken curry (f), homemade chips (2 syns for small bit of oil), homemade garlic bread (5 syns), boiled rice (f)

    Snacks- Small caramel square (6 syns), 2 chocolate Kimberly biscuits (9 syns)

    Total syns today- 26. Total syns this week- 42/105
    Feedback- Thought today was very good considering it was a Saturday and I was at my boyfriend's parents for dinner. There was chocolate everywhere!!! Glad I kept track of my syns and didn't do my usual where I think I've ruined my day so I might as well keep going and eat as much as I want. Didn't have enough superfree foods today need to keep on top of that!
  8. littlemissnaughty

    littlemissnaughty Gold Member

    Yes we do have very similar targets, will definitely continue to follow your journey. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated :)
    Yum, home made garlic bread, sounds fab.x
  9. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Sunday 5th January (Week 1 Day 4)

    Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs (f) 2 slices of wholemeal bread (HEXB)

    Snack- Banana (sf)

    Lunch- Lettuce (sf), low fat caesar dressing (.5 syns), reduced fat cheese (HEXA), 2 slices of ham (f)

    Snack- Grapes (sf) and fat free yogurt (f)

    Dinner- Bacon (2 syns), boiled rice (f), mushrooms (sf), onion (sf), pepper (sf), soy sauce (f)

    Supper- Tray of chips with cheese (17 syns), galaxy caramel (12 syns)

    Total syns today- 31.5. Total syns this week- 73.5/105
    Feedback- Ate very small portions today. Had an AWFUL day in work was a bit traumatised when I came home so boyfriend got us chipper and chocolate. I tried not to go too mad and synned everything. Drawing a line under it and having no takeaway apart from that :)
  10. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Monday 6th January (Week 1 Day 5)

    Breakfast- Banana (sf)

    Lunch- Lettuce (sf), caesar dressing (.5 syn), chicken (f)

    Snack- Strawberries (sf) and blackberries (sf) muller light (f)

    Dinner- Salmon (f), noodles (f), peppers (sf), broccolli (sf), oil (HEXB), small pork rib (2 syns)

    Snack- Muller light (f), strawberries (sf), feta cheese (HEXA)

    Syns used today- 2.5. Total syns so far this week- 76/105
    Feedback- Was very hungry going to bed! Need to eat bigger portions of free and superfree foods.
  11. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Tuesday 7th January (Week 1 Day 6)

    Breakfast- Banana (sf) and muller light (f)

    Lunch- salad leaves (sf), tomato (sf), cucumber (sf), 3 ryvita (HEXB), 2 boiled eggs (f), salad dressing (2 syns)

    Dinner- Pasta (f), onion (sf), egg (f), bacon (2 syns), light cream cheese (HEXA), parmesan (3 syns)

    Snack- Galaxy bubbles (8 syns)

    Total syns today: 16. Total syns so far this week: 92/105
    Feedback- Loved my dinner! Was still feeling a bit peckish in the evening. Got my chocolate fix for not too many syns :)
  12. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Wednesday 8th January (Week 1 Day 7)

    Breakfast- Banana (sf)

    Lunch- Ham (f), salad leaves (sf), tomato (sf), caesar dressing (2 syns), parmesan cheese (HEXA)

    Snack- Apple (sf) orange (sf)

    Dinner- Two quorn sausages (2 syns), mushrooms (sf), beans (f), scrambled egg (f)

    Snack- Bellona bar (6 syns)

    Total syns today: 10. Total syns for this week: 102/105

    Feedback: Really happy with food choices today. Overall, felt I had an ok week. I think I need to be a bit stricter with what bread I'm eating as well as weighing cheese etc. The main thing I want to work on in the coming weeks is more exercise. I have a gym membership that I haven't been using at all! I think it'll really help my losses especially if I am going over my syns sometimes.
  13. Miss Kate

    Miss Kate Full Member

    Thursday 9th January (Week 2 Day 1)

    Breakfast- Banana. Beans and a sesame bagel.

    Lunch- Salad leaves, feta, tomato and ham

    Snack- Four cookies. Small bowl of boiled rice and homemade curry.

    Dinner- Mushroom soup (starter), Chicken burger with couple of chips (main), half a banoffi sundae (dessert)
    Drinks- One mojito and one chocolate martini

    As you can see I didn't syn today! I knew I was going out for dinner and decided to try and be on plan for the day but relax a bit at dinner time without going overboard. It kind of worked! Apart from the cookies I had in work :rolleyes: We were going for a three course meal, it was yum!
    Generally when I go out for dinner I feel like I've ruined my diet and never get back into it the next day but this time that didn't happen! I think this is a learning process. I'm definitely not being perfect but am trying to adapt new ways of eating so I can maintain my weight when I get to target. I think this is the first time I didn't eat loads during the day because I knew I wasn't technically following anything then have a huge dinner. I also think my appetite is starting to shrink a bit! :innocent0001:

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