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Extra easy if vegetarian?

I'm sorry but I'm confused.

I was talking to a friend at work about sw - she has done really well and lost loads doing extra easy.

I said I would rather do green days as I eat mostly vegetarian, to which I was told no - that no-one did red and green days now as they were diets and that everyone should do extra easy as it was a lifestyle change. She also said I should do extra easy as a vegetarian and eat quorn instead of meat.

Surely it would be better to do green days as I could then have more healthy extras or am I missing something?

I do eat abit of meat but don;t know whether to do extra easy or red days when I want to eat meat or fish.

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If SW didn't want people to do red and green days any more, they'd remove them from the plan! :) Just because ee is the newest plan doesn't mean that it's right for everyone. If you're a vegetarian, green days are the way to go!


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Loads of people still do red and green plans and you have absolutely nothing to gain from doing extra easy as a vegetarian - unless you feel you need the superfree 'rule' to make sure you are getting enough fruit/veg and not overdoing the free foods.


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A good half of my group i go to do green and original days rather then EE


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oooh i would deffoo do greens if i were u....y would u want to give up those extra a and b choices if u dont eat meat!!! no way!!!! lol


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As a non vegetarian i have recently changed to green days. I much prefer it to ee mainly because of the extra hex's. If i am going out for a meal i will have an ee day but that is the only time i will change plans now x
Its not made very clear but you can do ee as a veggie as you get 2 of both A & B hex's if you don't eat meat. That's what I do!!
Green is definitely the way to go if you are veggie. My veggie friend lost over 6st on green xx
Its not made very clear but you can do ee as a veggie as you get 2 of both A & B hex's if you don't eat meat. That's what I do!!
This isn't quiet right, it doesn't matter if you are a veggie or not, you only get 1 hexa and hexb on EE. You only get 2 hexa & hexb on red or green days.
i rarely eat meat so i do green days usually. it is nice to have the extra heb. but i do try to also incorporate the 1/3 superfree rule when i can just to be healthy

on days i do eat meat i just make it an ee day and drop that extra heb. pretty simple really :)

ps i also find green days to be abit cheaper as you are not buying the meat and it isnt essential to eat so much fruit and veg.


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I agree with whats been said if you do green but have the 1/3 super free anyway it will really give you a boose
I am doing EE and am a veggie and was told by my consultant that I can have 2 A's and 2 B's and its been working pretty well!
Don't quite understand this. If you are not eating meat/fish, and are having 2 each of the healthy extras, then what is the difference between that and a green day?


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I'm a veggie and do EE, for me its easier to think about having the 1/3 superfree and I find I loose more weight this way than just green days.
But I know others who do red and green days....I think whatever works better for you and you feel best with you should do! We need to make this as easy as we can for us otherwise we'll hate it and rebel and eat lots of naughty stuff!!


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Yeah I know, I think its easier having a smaller choice and I like having a third superfree and find that works for me.....but everyones different and I can see why ppl would prefer green!


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I don't undertsand why a veggie would choose anything other than green. Extra cheese and nuts? Yes please!!
I know it seems weird and yes I would LOVE the extra cheese and nuts, but I used to do green and found my weight loses weren't really that great, whereas now I tend to have more consistent losses.
I know I could do green and still have the 1/3 superfree.....but for me its easier just to do EE!

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