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Extra easy not doing the job for me, so back to basics!!

Hi all,
I hope I'm doing this in the right place as I started a diary last week in some other spot on here, oops!
Anyway, here I am, again, trying to shift the 80lbs I've gained over the last 4 years. A move to the Middle East and 2 more children to add to our other 2 and there you have it, 80 lbs.
There's no classes out here so I'm going it alone on EE. I've got 3 boys aged 15,12 and 3 and a baby girl who is 9 months so that fits in best with family life. I've lost 8lbs since I started a month ago which isn't bad considering we had all the boys birthdays, and my husbands, and our wedding anniversary!!! I'm pretty chuffed actually as I don't usually need any excuses to stuff my face haha!
We're moving back to the UK for good on July the 15th, that means 9 weeks of 100% and I reckon I can lose 20lbs. I really want to make a dent in this before I go back and see everyone!! It's Summer in Cornwall as well, the streets will be full of slim girls in denim cut offs and not much else aaarrrgh! At least out here you HAVE to cover up!
So the plan is, Davina 4 times a week, extra easy, minimum syns to cover any naughty behaviour at the weekend (there is ALWAYS something on) and with a bit of help from this site I think I can do it! Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can!!!!
Good luck to you all on this journey, no gain, no pain :)
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Well done on your fantastic loss and your realistic approach to the weight you want to lose before coming back to the UK. The Middle East WOW did you have your baby over there? A mother of four!!!! I am in awe of you I only have one and he takes over my whole entire life. I have every confidence that you will come home a lot lighter and continue food optimising. You seem to be following it very well and getting the results.. you very close to getting your 5 %! When you get to the UK you should join a group as the added support is amamzing!
Thanks! I'm still trying to find my way around this site but I'll work it out!
Yes MissJ, I had my 2 youngest out here. Great medical care so it was all good, being pregnant in the heat was the hardest part. Isla came on the hottest day in Bahrain's history, the car temp said 53 degrees on way to hospital. One of the hardest parts of life here is the weather, from May to late September it's 35 min and up to 45-50 in the day!! It's really hard to entertain 4 children! So I'm quite looking forward to some seasonal weather in the UK, I never thought I'd say that!! Life has been great here bit things are less stable now and we were all evacuated in March do due the riots and now we're under martial law so as soon as my oldest has finished his GCSE'S, we're off. Saying that, it's been a fantastic place to live, very sociable, hence the 80lb weight gain!!!
Which brings me to yesterday and Friday brunch. It's a pretty big deal here as our weekend is Friday\Saturday, you all get together, go to a fancy hotel and basically spend the day eating and drinking. There are entire rooms full of cheese, pastries, chinese etc etc. So I started off pretty well, stuck to seafood and sushi. Then my self control got up and left when I walked past the chocolate fountain!!! Some days it will be just a tiny thing (like a chocolate covered marshmallow), I'll eat it and then write the entire day off! Anyway, it was just one day, so here I am the day after having a green day...so far so good!!!
Anyway, I have rambled on for long enough. I'm 100% this week as I'm exactly 16st so would LOVE to see a biggish lose that gets me into the 15 range. I know I can do it!!!
Hi Woodland girl,
Yes, it's so sad. Things are under control now but not quite the same :(
On a positive note I have just found Muller lights here!!! This may seem trivial to the rest of you but in 4 years I have never seen one in Bahrain,and at 3 quid for one I only bought 2 but still! And I also found Philidelphia extra light for the first time as well, which is another first. A successful shopping trip and now for dins...
Thanks for your comments, I'm off to group as soon as I get back, in fact the night of the day we land!! I'm living with the in-laws until our stuff arrives so I'm going to the 8pm class but will have to re-think that once we've moved into our house. I'm amazed I've managed to only weigh myself once a week, I've always been a real scale jumper but we all know how that can go, I've put on 5 lbs in one day before! I need that focus of weigh-in day at a group to keep my on track.
Right off to exercise with my new best friend Davina McCall!!!
Woodland girl, where did you live here and when? You know how small it is we may know some of the same people. Funny about marmite, it's the little things you miss!
I lived near the amh, and was there 97-99. Seems like a long time ago! I was a youth worker so most of the people I hung out with were under 18!! Loved it though and loved the British club! X
To find it, you can either just bookmark it in your browser or go to 'User CP' which is in the blue menu on the top left and you'll see all your subscribed threads. If there's a new post on something you've posted on, it'll be visible or you click 'View all subscribed threads' and your diary will be there. Hope that helps and good luck :)
Ah I see, I bet a lot was different back then but the Brit club is probably still the same. I bet if you went there now you'd probably see the same brits propping up the bar lol!!
I've just been emailed some pictures from a party we went to a few weeks ago, I cannot believe my eyes. They are soooo awful! I'm in all of them, from every angle, treble chin, back fat, bingo wings, big chubby face, for all to see!! They've been emailed to everyone who went :(
I have avoided the camera like the plague since I had Isla back in August, for obvious reasons, but these photos are shocking as I thought and felt really good that night. New dress, hair done etc etc but I actually look like a proper fat lass! Trying to look like a thin one! I'm going to print the worst one and put it on the fridge. It has made me realise that I've a way to go yet, bit depressing and not a great start to the week.
Anyway, I've worked out so now for breakfast.I'm usually a cereal and fruit type but I'm going to have a bacon and egg sandwich, all fat removed, egg boiled, 57g of bread of course!!!!
I thought I would also do a food diary here too as I want to keep track, so here's todays grub:

Breakfast: 2xbacon all fat removed, boiled egg, 57g bread (HEB), apple

Snack: satsuma

Lunch: pasta, broccoli, mange tout, 1/2 poached salmon fillet. Mixed together with 1tbs extra light philly

Dinner: Butter chicken and rice from slimming world mag

melon and pineapple

drinks: teax1, coffeex1, made with milk from HEA (350 skimmed) 2 litres of water

Syns: 2 for Phillidelphia extra light
4 for 1/2 a piece of toast with butter
Good morning dairy..and anyone else who is reading!!
Feeling great diet wise, it's a good feeling waking up in the morning and knowing I'm on track and can do it, so much better than opening my eyes and realising I'm starting my diet AGAIN! Feeling positive and energetic even after those photos. My husband said I looked nice in them and when I said I thought I looked thinner than that he said I may be "fatorexic" as in I think I'm thinner than I am rather than fatter lol!! He's lucky I've got a sense of humour.
So todays menu:
B: 28g of special k HEB, skimmed milk from HEA

L: couscous with roasted veg (aubergine, courgette, red onion, yell/red peppers, tomatoes)

fruit salad, probably melon, pineapple, grapes
Tea and coffee to use up the rest of my HEA

D: lamb burgers (recipe from SW mag), pot wedges and roasted veg

Syns: don't know yet?
Does anyone "struggle" to eat their syns in the week? I'd rather save mine for the weekend as I don't really fancy anything and sometimes feel like I have to eat a bag of quavers or something when I'd rather not.

Now baby sleeping so off meet Davina to sweat it out. Got so much on at the moment, selling car here, house sale going through in UK, got to start sorting cupboards etc for move, biggest son started GCSE's today!! All the more reason to stay on track as I'll feel rubbish if I don't :)
Hope everyone has a good day xx
Got so hungry at 11am I could have eaten a scabby horse so had 2 hard boiled eggs and an apple..now lunchtime and not that hungry so just had 2 slices of watermelon and an apple.
I've just been invited out for a meal tonight but turned it down :( I'm still not 100% sure I can handle going to a mexican restaurant and staying on plan. I hope soon it becomes second nature soon and I won't have to turn down any social occasions! Also, we've got a night out on Friday so I'll be a big synner then.
Something to look forward to!!
ended up having my lunch for dinner and one lamb burger, was delish.
I'll have the leftover SW wedges and ratatouille for lunch tom. The boys (and baby) enjoyed it too and I've noticed the husbands trousers loosening as well, bonus!
So to bed, so tired but feeling good. I'm actually looking forward to my weigh in on Friday, very optimistic xx