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Hey everyone i dont go to group so now quite sure how extra easy works. Today i have had for breakfast: eggs, 2slices of bacon, 2 bowyers sausages (2syns on a red) tomatoes and mushrooms. I have also made some rice pudding in the slow cooker and then i realised oh no cant eat that on a red!! What am i wondering is if a have an extra easy day can i eat some rice pudding? also how exactly does extra easy work?

Thanks xx
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You can eat rice pudding on a red day, syn your pudding rice and have the milk as Hea, if you used sweetener then thats free, I also use vanilla essence and nutmeg in mine to :D

I need my rice pudding mmmm

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Yes, on an EE day you can have the rice pudding Hun. Use the milk as your Hea allowance and then it should be free.
Remember on an EE day you can only have 1 HeA and 1 HeB and make sure that you eat lots of speed fruits and veg.


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You can eat rice pudding on a EE day :)

Basically EE is all food that is free on green and red is free on EE but you only get 1 heA and 1 heB, you can still have 5-15 syns a day:) oh and for syn value on ee you always take the lesser one from grrn and red, so if it less syns on red then it is on green then you use that one.

What SW now advise is that you have 1/3 of your meal on EE with superfree foods, ie most fruit and veg :0 thats the basics of it! I hope this helps abit xxx