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Extra Easy seems anything but...


Used to be fatter
4th week of Extra Easy.... hmmm....

Stats so far
1st week - 7lbs
2nd week - 2.5lbs
3rd week - STS
4th week - 1lb

From reading the threads on here, I just don't think I'm getting it right at all.. :cry:
I think perhaps I'm taking the "Eat as much free food as you want" too literally :confused:

Do people benefit more from alternating red and green days?

Please don't think I'm not grateful for what I've lost so far, I just figure that given I've got a lot to lose, I would lose more sooner (especially given the fact that my entire eating habits and lifestyle has changed).

Anyone got any motivational advice for me?
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Well you are doing great. I think the big key to extra easy is that 1/3rd of a plate of superfree, also i think sticking to superfree foods or healthy extras for between meals snacks is helpful(though not sure that is a SW rule)

I am at my target but trying to lose a few more pounds and find that alternating red and green works well for me at the moment. Mainly because it makes me think more about variety in my meals, i would happily it pasta, sw chips and beans, jacket potato etc forever. but putting in those red days makes me think about over foods.

Lots of fish is also beneficial. (LOOK FOR THE THREAD MY FISHY WEEK FOR INSPIRATION)

But besides that you are doing great stick with it and in a couple of weeks your first stone will be gone.
i agree with Derbynanny, that 1/3 superfree really makes the diffrence, give yourself another few goes with EE, re-read through your books to make sure you really understand it and then if you still don't feel comfortable don't do it, or just do it occasionaly. Not everything works for everyone, just work out what works for you and that your happy with. Good luck darl :D
For heavens sake, give it a chance!

9.5lbs in the first two weeks is incredible, but you cant expect to continue losing at that rate, thats major losses as you jump from your old diet to a healthy eating plan, but once you've changed, the losses are bound to slow down.

There are all sorts of reasons why you might have a slow couple of weeks, but they are normally then countered by a few bigger losses - but if you've only been at it a month, you need to allow time to see those things happening.

Just think about how many months/years it took for you to put on the weight you've put on. 9.5lbs in 4 weeks might seem slow to you, but I'll still bet that if you give it a chance and follow the plan, it will actually come off quicker than you realised it was going on!

Some people seem to think red and green days work better for them - everyone is different - but i've been doing EE since Feb and have lost 2 1/2 stone, which i think is a perfectly sensible rate to lose.

1-2lbs a week is considered to be a sensible amount for you to lose weight and keep it off slow and steady is better than fast track diets that just leave you to pile on the pounds once you start eating "normally" again.

Of course - if you post a food diary, i'm sure some peeps will let you know if there might be something you are doing wrong
Do you eat free food between meals as snacks or do you snack on superfree (fruit and veg?) Do you have a third superfree with each meal?
These are the key things to EE in my opinion. If I do EE I can't snack on non superfree things and expect a loss.
Overall you have lost 10.5 lb in 4 weeks which really isn't bad. At an average of 2.5lb a week you will lose 130lb in a year!
You've lost almost a stone in month! That's great going! With all slimming plans you have to remember that steady & slow is the way to go. The weight is far more likely to stay off if you lose it slowly. Not only that, losing slower gives your skin a chance to recover, meaning that you are less likely to have lots of loose skin. This seems to happen if you lose weight too quickly. Most people on here lose on average, around 1 - 2lbs a week & again, most people feel that that is just right.
i think you are doing great - i dont do many EE days as i end up overcarbing - ie too much pasta/potatoes/rice.

I stick to Red days - but overall my losses are 1lb a week, so i dont care how i lose it, as long as i continue to lose it!!! xxx


We have a similar start weight, and goal weight, and I've been doing EE too.

Only thing is, I make sure at least 1/3 of my plate is superfree, sometimes its 1/2 as I love the veggies.

I only snack on superfree, sometimes my HEX's, I only eat Free at meal times, and make sure I use my HEx's.

I stop when I'm full. The only thing I do "wrong" is not use all my syns each day, usually I'm too full, but I do sometimes have a meal out, or some snacks at the cinema on a weekend, like flexi-synning I suppose because I still have to live my life. SW has to fit round me, and it does quite well.

You have to give it time. I know how it seems that the weight should be magically disappearing, but it is! You can't expect your body to react like a machine, I have no doubt my losses will start to slow down too, its natural and the way it should be, it will work like that on any diet.


Used to be fatter
Sorry guys - didn't want to sound like a greedy, ungrateful misery guts - eeeek, and yeah, It's taken me at least a year to get this unhappy, so in reality, it is coming off quite quickly.

Ellebear - I think I might be overcarbing... eek, they're just soooo tasty! :(

I can give you guys yesterday's food, to gain your thoughts...?

Breakfast -
56g Special K Sustain (5.5 syns, HEB)
175ml Whole Milk (HEA)

Half a Melon (sliced)

SW Shepherds Pie with green peas

Strawberries (half punnet)


Chicken Breast
New Potatoes

Your food looks fine and I can't see any evidence of "overcarbing" going on there. New pots with dinner and mash on your lunch is not overcarbing.

Just trust in the plan and don't rush it, as the OP said you didn't put the weight on overnight so it's not going to come off overnight either.


Used to be fatter
I wish I could put you ladies in my pocket, carry you round and have you encourage me when I think I'm getting it wrong.

thanks for the support and advice!!:D

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