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Extra easy....think I've cocked up lol

I've been on extra easy for a week now. Weighed in today and lost 2lb.
Now, I know we have to have 2/3 free and 1/3 super free, but is that for every meal, or just overall throughout the day....or does it not matter?
Sometimes my meal will be all free foods, and I'll snack all day on superfree :/
Hope this makes sense to you all lol!
Oh and do we HAVE to use syns? Somedays I'm using around 10, another just 2?
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I see the light!

I think it states on the SW website that not every meal has to have 1/3 superfree but obviously it does help! I know theres some meals I don't manage it, but try to include it where ever possible. As for the syns I have a hard job using them, but I always try to have at least 5 and find my losses are actually better if I do.

Helen xxx


I will be a Princess!
Hiya hun. Congratulations on the loss! :bliss: I've heard it on here that it should be 1/3 superfree with each meal, but sometimes /i just average it out over the day and it seems to work for me!

As for the syns...it's recommended that you should try to have a minimum of 5 syns per day, and up to 15 :) They're part of the plan hun, so don't deprive yourself :) You could always use them on osme olive oil in your cooking if you didn't want chocolate etc :) xx
Thank you both :) Was in a bit of a panic there!
Sorry to gatecrash your thread but I'm trying to get my head round extra easy too.
I understand the basics but are you still allowed to snack on free foods during the day. For example yesterday, I had my brekkie and lunch and about 4.00pm I had to make an omelette as I was hungry. Didn't want to have my tea at that time. Was that ok? HELP. Thanks.
It is fine to have free foods between meals too but on the whole I would try and stick to superfree foods between meals (incidentally yog, cottage cheese and eggs all used to be super free so if your going to have something between meals that is a good choice)

I think on EE snacking on things like batchelor's savoury rice or mug shots is where it can go wrong for some people. I must say that at times i have snacked on syn free chips.
Sorry that was in reply to georgie, Rachael it sounds to me if you lost 2 pounds your doing ok. But to continue the losses try and make as many meals as possible 1/3 super free, just get in to the habit of adding veg to everything remember things like spag bol can have the 1/3 added to the recipe (tinned toms or passatta, onions, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, courgettes etc) the same with curries. if it is hard to add fruit or veg to a meal have a salad before or a couple fo pieces of fruit after.
Thank you Derbynanny. That's very helpful. I was also thinking of having Batchelors Pasta in Sauce as a snack but you advise to be careful. Can I ask why? Thank you.
Thank you Derbynanny. That's very helpful. I was also thinking of having Batchelors Pasta in Sauce as a snack but you advise to be careful. Can I ask why? Thank you.
I think the reason that Derbynanny would advise caution is that pasta n sauce are quite high in calories. Now I know on slimming world we don't talk about calories but it's still adviseable to be careful. Pasta n sauce are fine as part of your lunch or dinner (ie as part of a meal) but if you're snacking on them too you could be having too many calories. Better to have something superfree ie a banana for a snack
i had this talk wit my consultant last night who has lost an amazin 16 stone he said it is fine to eat as much free food as u want on ee and if u cant manage 1/3 superfree just fit it into ur day and it will balance out :)
Yes that is it exactly if you want to have pasta n sauce as a snack then maybe green days are better for you (although personally i think of pasta n sauce as a meal.

I think when you are losing just fine then unlimited free foods all day every day on EE is fine but if your struggling on EE i would look at things like that.

especially if you have less to lose.

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