Extra skin


Silly question maybe, but does everyone have loose, extra skin after significant weight loss? I have around 6 stone ideally i would like to lose x
Hi Lailah I'm no expert on this but to be honest I expect so, I know that in my case exercise will help but there's definitely no way that all the skin will disappear without some kind of surgery so I'm bracing myself for a tummy tuck at the least.
Hi Guys, my friend lost 7 stone in 6 moths and has no saggy skin, I think it depends on the elasticity of your skin. Looking after your skin with a good moisturiser during weight loss can help. Surely a little skin is better than allot of fat x
I lost about 5 stone a while ago and only really had a bit of loose skin around my stomach, but I have also had 2 pregnancies with one baby being over 9lb so that May have been the main contributing factor.