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extreme slimmers

I dont think surgery is an easy option. For most people who take that route its an absolute last resort. Gastric bands arent, from what I know, a fast fix either, theyre just an aid. I was quite shocked when I realised that people who've had a band sometimes only lose 1 or 2lbs a week the same as those of us doing SW or WW
thank you hun for sticking up for us :D
I watched your link to You tube, dont you think that the way CELEBS talk about WLS make sit sound like someone waves a magic wand and everything is ok? I didnt know anything about these ops until I came on this site and watched that programme last night and you really have to be desperate to want that doing to you! And the complications ohhhhh noooooo not for me I am too much of a wuss.


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WLS is certainly no easy option for me, I'm s-----g a brick incase something goes terribly wrong during & after and I don't get to see my gorgeous baby boy grow up. So shelly who wrote that statement about us taking the easy way out, you have really wound me up chuck.....you think about what you have just blumin wrote!!!!


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I prefer to say 'Last Chance Saloon' than desperate! It is not a magic wand; it is a physical tool to help get the weight off. One still has to get the brain to engage and fight the food issue.

The mere mortals who opt for WLS have run the gamut of weight loss options. Speaking personally, I done WW, SW, LL, CD, Xenical, Slim Fast and a whole shed load of other faddy diets to boot AND exercise and yes, I lost 7 stone/5 stone/etc. ad naus but still it came back.

So for me, yes, WLS is my Last Chance Saloon.

Celebs make me want to hurl. The cult of celebrity has become so powerful in our society that we are forgetting the realities of life.
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Ive re read Shells post and I dont think she meant to say WLS was the easy option, I was ignorant of it as I said until now and that programme really helped me see what it means to make that decision. It worries me a lot that soooo many people are having this surgery and what that means for them long term. That woman found out she was pregnant last night but it didnt really say what would happen to her and her surgery
I am glad that others who arnt having wls support us that are having it.

Thank you guys


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People who don't understand what wls is all about often make the mistake of thinking it is an 'easy option' or a 'short cut', which is understandable. However, it is the exact opposite of easy or short.

Yes weight loss can be greatly accelerated by wls but the process is hard, painful and requires life-long maintenance. The truth is that diet and exercise is the most sensible option to lose weight. Another truth is that diet and exercise work for almost every person. The important difference is that people with prolonged and severe obesity can't keep the weight off, it always comes back and brings friends. If you took a poll of all the people on this site that have had wls surgery you would find that they all have at one time or another had great success on various diets. The problem is that over the years of dieting and re-gaining weight, their bodies have become resistant to weight loss (yo-yo diet syndrome) and they have developed significant weight-related health issues. For many, it is not about getting in those skinny jeans anymore it is about living long enough to see their kids graduate or possibly to even be able to have children at all.

It is a road that is not for everyone and should only be taken on with the advice of medical professionals. There is a very long and involved screening process for the surgery to help weed out those who are looking for a quick fix or using it for vanity. Only those who can prove a medical neccessity can even be considered for surgery through the NHS, so nobody need fear that this is a new trend of get slim quick. If people only understood how hard a road it is to wls and after they would not be so quick to say it is not hard work or as good as the 'normal' way.


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I just think you must be absolutely desperate to put yourself through that. I can't imagine anybody choosing it as a first option without dieting first so it's hardly the easy route. I agree though that Shelly probably didn't mean that the way it's been taken. To me surgery isn't just bypass, banding etc. Kerry Katona has had surgery to lose weight and she's taken the easy route. Being knocked out for extensive lipo then selling your "diet success" story to all and sundry is not at all on a par with going through banding or similar and then coping with the lifestyle and emotional baggage following it - however it is still "weight loss surgery". x
I watched extreme slimmers last night and I thought the lady with the red hair was a bit obsessed with herself and weight loss.
Even if I had the money I don't think I would have surgery, I would rather do it by changing my eating habits.


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I think you should all be very proud of yourselves for the way you have responded to the original poster :)

Feelings have been expressed in a well balanced and calm manner, despite the subject being so close to all your hearts.

All credit to you ladies!! :D

Lacey x :)
I think when pregnant, if you have the gastric band it is loosed to allow more food intake as you would usually consume when pregnant, apparently your baby will be healthier as it will not have all the blood sugar that a baby would get with someone without a gastric band.
As for the bypass you will have to consume twice as much as a normal pregnant person so that the baby would get all the nutriants that it needs.

It wouldnt affect your surgery really.




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To be honest, and this is only my opinion, everyone is entitled to loose weight however and whichever way works for them... as some of the posts have mentioned, they have been to the end of the earths on all sorts of diets and therefore surgery is a last resort. I think that all you who are contemplating surgery are fantastic and that is what you need to do...
I know that this is slightly O/T but when I had my first child via c-section, the amount of 'too posh to push' comments, even in jest was horrendous. The fact was that I was on death's door with pre-eclampsia and the baby had to be born didn't seem to matter to some people..
So to finish my ramble, if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything.. and only pass comment if you have had experience !!



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Absolutely spot on, Tracy. I had to have both my children by C section (under general anaesthetic) due to pre-eclampsia and they were both big babies.

I was sick to death of the *****y comments such as 'O, you didn't have her properly then', 'It was OK for you, you didn't have the pain of labour or have to push.' etc. ad naus.

Only the 37 staples across my bikini line stopped me from getting up, leaping across the room and slapping some of them into the middle of next week!
I watched extreme slimmers last night and I thought the lady with the red hair was a bit obsessed with herself and weight loss.
Even if I had the money I don't think I would have surgery, I would rather do it by changing my eating habits.
Kinda worrying as the red bhaired lady is MD of a well known WLS company too - not a very good advert!


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For anyone who is going to embark on WLS I wish you all the best and hope with all my heart that it works for you and get to be where you want to be. Good luck to you all. As I always say 'there but for the grace of god, go I'

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