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extreme weight loss needed

Ok so I have been following slimming world for around 10 weeks and I switched to a red week for the first time (I normally follow extra easy) and I am so disheartened this week :( I just got weighed in at 3.5lbs and I'm pissed because I had an exceptionally good week - positively angelic even better then the weeks I have lost 5 or 4 lbs on and yet only 3.5lbs. I don't want to sound like I am sticking my nose up at 3.5lbs but it isn't anywhere near what I was expecting... any other week i would have possibly killed for a 3.5lbs loss but this week I pulled out all the stops- the 3rd super foods and snacking on speed foods and lots of fiberous foods (I'm investing in nice toilet paper given thats where i currently live lol!) and not even touching 10 syns most days :(

Moan and rant over- I have around 12 stone to lose to make me happy/ healthy although that 12 may turn to 13 depending on how i feel when I get there- basically I am in it for the long haul! I am 25 years old and scared of excess saggy skin so that is all XD

going back to my tried and trusted EE days tomorrow!
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Hi there ....

You are getting great losses, unfortunately there is little rhyme or reason to how are bodies work -so you can be what you think is "angelic" and not get as big a loss as a week where you consider you haven't been so good. You can't expect the losses to keep being super big as your body is adjusting to eating less/differently.

Also if you are worried about saggy skin etc -then you really really don't want huge drastic losses as this is often what leads to leftover skin as your body just can't adjust quickly enough... (although there are other factors..genetics etc involved)

I understand your desperation to get the weight off... I have about 3st 5lbs left to go and have taken a year to lose the first 9st - however, I wouldn't have it any other way as I know I have completely addressed my eating habits...and to be honest I would never have dreamt that I would lose as much as I have -the time has flown and Im loving the way I eat too.... I do mainly red days as they suit me-its a case of test and adjust to find what works best for you....

Don't lose heart -Im affraid you might just need to be a little more realistic,,, it will save a lot of stress and heart ache in the long run..
Keep up the great work....

ooh and you may get more response if you ask for this to be moved onto the general bit of the SW board.... hope it helps
Hi there,

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and well done on your losses. I would give my right arm to lose 3.5lb at the moment lol....my weight loss is painfully slow.

Just wanted to let you know that I know exactly how you feel, its really disheartening when you try so very hard and you don't see the results you would like on the scales. Its taken me over 6 months to lose 2 stone!!! I have just had to accept that I'm going to be a slow loser and look at the positives, its 2 stone off, and not 2 stone on as it probably would've been if i'd carried on the way I was going. Your losses so far are really good so try not to feel too down.

Anyway, good luck with going back to EE and fingers crossed youget the results you'd like next week. Chin up hun. :)

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