eye of the tiger as in "Rocky" not curry house!

Hi all
I ve been stalking you all on here for a while now and thought I would try keeping a diary here to- who knows it might help in the months ahead.

Well, I better introduce myself- diet history wise I have been big all of my life, I thought I have just one of those big boned people destined never to be average until I hit crisis point 3 years ago (21 stone) and I had to do something about it. I joined LL and lost 7 stone in 6 months. Briefly- kept it off for 3 years, but a change in office meant I had to drop the gym and well, here I am!

After LL I realised that in fact I was not big boned- just overweight- I reached a comfortable size 14 and found that actually I did nt have fat thighs or a big bum, I could be a normal size.

I have quite a pressured job where lunch is rare- sitting on my wobbly a££ all day doesn't help and it is easier to grab something on the hoof and then have a couple of sugar level raising biscuits at various times during the day- I say a couple but thats actually a lie hehe

Fast forward to now- I am on CD this time, and have a lovely counsellor. Tomorrow will be the end of week three and so far have been 100%.

I am determined to be a girly swot and not veer off the program- a few months being antisocial to sort this out is nothing compared to the 37 years I have spent being fat. As on one of the other posts said- I am not depriving myself and feel this is a positive choice I am making.. I promised myself that I would not go back to 20 something stone 3 years ago and I am determined this is my time to sort it, for good...

Anyway facts and figures- started off three weeks ago at 17st 10- week 1 lost 10lbs, week 2 I lost 3lbs.

I m mucking about on my mums scales (she lives next door) and weighing myself too much. I was disappointed about the 3lbs loss and mums scales have NOT BUDGED this week. I must have lost something for god's sake!! I weighed this morning- still 16st 10- and was actually laughing in frustration.
Same as last Monday- well 2lbs on, I m not going to go off and eat something but am feeling down that this will be another rubbish week... I just know it..

Its not my TOTM, the water is going down, I m having 3 packs a day (should I make myself have 4?)

I want to lose 3 stone before March, and at a rate of 3lbs a week thats pushing it.

Anyway enough of my moaning on, I ll put some before and after pics from when I did it last time on here, if I can figure it out. Looking forward to meeting you all and keep the faith- eye of the tiger!


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Hey im new to the forum & hope you dont mind me posting. I can understand why you would be frustrated, its hard when you are keeping at it 100% and it doesnt seem like you are going to lose anything. Just remember though, although this week you might not lose as much as you want to, next week you could loose even more!

You have done a great job so far, well done!x

great things

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i love your name and your diary's name. i remember my first half marathon and i got to mile 9, known as the nike mile, and eye of the tiger was playing. so inspiring. loved it. :D

p.s i'm just a greedy pig who loves to eat rubbish given half the chance. the challenge is to keep the weight off i think :)
Hey Shammy, Suzy and Great Things (and everyone else)
Thanks for replying/reading.... The more the merrier..Today has been an average day at work and am about to leave to see the CD counsellor. Been on my mind all day- I hope I have lost at least 3lbs, would ideally like to lose 5 but have that sinking feeling it won t be much at all... wish me luck..
I think I will buy my own scales at some stage this week.
Anyway here goes nuffink lol


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Good luck Fiona xxx
Hello ladies- wellllll
I lost 4lbs! So in the middle of my range- not disappointed and not over the moon. 17lbs off though and that is giving me the oooomph to keep going, not bad in three weeks.
Have spent the evening cleaning up after the kittens- one is a persian and lets just say when my chocolate mousse was ready I wasn't sure if I could face it..... bleurgh
This site is so inspiring- everyone's stories really make it easier well done everyone xx

great things

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4lbs is brill! well done :D
Hello everyone- another week another step- however big or small to our goals. Well, I've Been rigidly sticking to the diet this week and have lost ...3 lbs..bit disappointed to be honest- I am soo impatient! However, this diet is amazing and 20 in 4 weeks is still more than conventional diets.. And 12 inches off my body is not to be sniffed at I suppose..

Have been keeping myself busy buying anti wrinkle cream and having my feet nibbled at by fish... Amazing what u do to keep on the path lol. My house is cleanest it's ever been....I am making sure I go out with my friends every weekend (being a confirmed old spinster with cats!) and my friends doing the your my best mate drunk speech gets a tad annoying when sober but hey, I m saving £ for my Botox in a bottle fetish... Enough ramblings for me, off to bed ready for another day down the pit! Sleep well everyone
And eyes on the prize girls xxx

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S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
everyone is impatient to get the weight off as quickly as they can. it goes on quick but doesn't come off as quick, usually. 20lb in 4 weeks is excellent and you'll find that 3-4lb a week is the norm and the average and is what you should be loosing on cd to get an average of a stone a month.


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Hahaha eye of the tiger...love it! 20lb is a great loss, well done x
Thanks for posting everyone! Am pleased with myself this week as I lost 6 lbs, which brings me to 26 lbs in 5 weeks- frustrating as this diet is it shows that it works! Despite a v stressful week at work (making redundancies) I ve stuck to it- including going out with my mates on sat night.

Next week I ll be half way through the 12 weeks I promised myself to do sole source, although it seems like a lifetime- another 7 weeks- I know I ll get there and it will be worth it.

Not even upset that the only valentines card I got was from my mum and her badly disguised handwriting... I m ok, ok with myself and it's been a long time since I felt like that. This is also the first week that I haven't done cheeky home weighing and I m going to try keep it that way... Well good luck everyone and remember- eye of the tiger ;-) hehheh xx


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Brilliant weight losses- mines around the same, 30 pounds in 40 days! I'm slowing down to around 3 a week now though :-( no cards for me, not even from my mum!!! Xx
Thanks kimmi, I guess it's bound to slow down, still 3 pounds is 3 pounds and if u imagine that on your body somewhere it's a lot of volume!
Have you got an I phone? If so highly recommend you try weightbot- it plots a graph and does bar charts of loss so far, you put in your target weight and date and it shows it on the graph, really motivating xx