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Fabulous Fat Burning Friday Thread

Well I hope so anyway! first day of 1/2 term holidays here so all 3 children home - and an extra one for the day. Plenty of stuff to do and I'm working tonight so need to prep for that as well. Also got to try and persuade Hubby to take the kitchen cupboards down so I can knock a wall down!! He's off sick for a week so hopefully can tempt him out of bed for a bit to help me (fat chance!!) Just off to do the chickens and ducks and then hopefully going to do Day 2 of Shred! Wish me luck!

Hope everyone has a great day and keeps focused for the weekend.
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Thanks for starting the thread Setas :)

Well last day of work for the week for me, team leader came to see me yesterday and told me that they got the dates mixed up so my contract actually finishes next Friday! (Another week's pay I guess :D)

As for me, I've lost 3lbs overnight (My weight had STS for 2-3 days) which means I am exactly 50% of my way through my journey at this point, 42lbs lost, 42lbs to go.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



this time - the last time
Morning. Had my tooth out yesterday and I feel bruised, swollen and sore.
Need to do some industrial tidying at home, as well as a trip to the supermarket....but I'm currently feeling sorry for myself with the duvet on the sofa!

Struggling with water (which I think is affecting my weightloss). Can't wait for my tooth to feel better so I can drink more more easily!

Hope everyone else has a more enjoyable day planned!
@Setas -- Three kids, a poorly DH, a job and you want to remodeling... you must be mad!

@Jrfyyyy -- How cool is that -- mid point. So, it'll be all approching goal (not moving away from top weight) for here on out! Congrats! I am glad for the extra week and fingers crossed something good turns up, soon.

@JK, I hope you feel better soon. It can't be fun. At least the weather is "duvet friendly" atm.

Ooops -- I forgot to mention my day.

Baking, cleaning, organizing, etc. for DD's sleepover birthday party. Starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 11:00 a.m.. Cookies baked, goody bags assembled, about to bake gluten free cupcakes and then move on to the big cake, have to clean, decorate, etc.

Looooong day, night, morning tomorrow, then off to London for a day out with DD... I'll need the rest of half-term to recuperate. lol

There is so much candy and junk food in the house -- I'll be forcing the leftovers on the parents of the guests as they pick up tomorrow morning. Can't have it here... no one needs it. (My kids are not big junk food eaters, either.) so, it'll just be sitting there taunting DH and me.

Thanks MM, I hope so too, it's so difficult to find anything that interests me work/career wise in this area, may have to look at moving away to find work!

Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of yourself too; makes me thankful i'm just here in work :)



please try again
morning ladies, hope everyones having a good one!

jayelle, i hope your tooth paon settles down now its been fixed

holidays here so ive got madam home driving me nuts already, lol
day 1 here again, roll on ketosis!
hiya ladies.
jayelle, if i were u i would sip on warm water, its so much easier to drink warm water as it has an easing effect on a sore mouth. also gargle with salt water as this will also speed recovery and reduce swelling.
hope u feel much better soon. arent u glad ur not eating conventional food right now? silver lining and all that ;)
im about to force myself on the treadmill for a while. my knees are really sore right now ( i have chronic osteo arthritus in many joints but knees the worst by far ) but if i hold back too much i will always find an excuse not to get on the treadmill and then it will become yet another guest coat hanger . :eek:


this time - the last time
cherylxx said:
hiya ladies.
jayelle, if i were u i would sip on warm water, its so much easier to drink warm water as it has an easing effect on a sore mouth. also gargle with salt water as this will also speed recovery and reduce swelling.
hope u feel much better soon. arent u glad ur not eating conventional food right now? silver lining and all that ;)
Thanks! Seem to be feeling way too sorry for myself today! Need to kick myself out if it and get to Tescos!
Morning all!!

I would have my little one home but god bless private nurseries who don't have half term and god bless nanny and grandad who a) pay for said private nursery and b) have him every Friday and Saturday!! I have some huge amounts of cleaning to do today as well, trying to make it nice for when the OH comes home from work but we moved house five weeks ago and seriously downsized so I have no room for anything! Am thinking of giving OH and baby boy just one big cupboard in the kitchen and then using the rest for storage!! Lol, but in the mean time (as that idea was vetoed by OH!) I have to find a home for things!

Feeling ok in myself today, still waiting on doctors to sign the form so I can get started properly grrrr! But am keeping it low cal in the mean time! Best of luck to all of you today with everything, have a good one! Xxx
afternoon :) just got up after a few hours kip as worked last night .. had a good night , and doing ok back on CD , but still 5 lb up since monday after 1 day of eating .... argggg :( doesnt look like i will have a good weigh in on monday and i hate to see my CDCs face when i have had a bad week :'( oh well , whatever happens its back to 810 on monday and then 1000 the following week , I have my gym induction on wed and want to start a normal eating plan to give me the energy and motivation to work out at least twice a week ... fingers crossed ... may do a workout off the fitness channel later to try and kick start a bit of weight loss before monday ....:sigh: my goal is so close but has never seemed so far away ......

Mm , DD sounds like she is going to have a fun sleepover .. how old is she ?? will it be playing princesses or girly pampering ??

JayelleKay , hope your mouth feels better soon , I have had a few teeth out and it leaves you quite battered :(

jfryyyyy well done for getting half way to goal :D

Emma , hope you get that form signed soon :)
Emma , hope you get that form signed soon :)

Just been called by my surgery after I called them chasing it up this morning and the doctor in question has decided to go home and take all of her paperwork with her:mad: so that's yet another weekend I have to wait... I'm so frustrated :cry: it seems that I've finally decided to do something about it and now its being blocked. Its totally made me lose my motivation for the day, i had the music on doing the housework and loving it feeling really positive and now I just feel really low and am looking at the rest of the house and dreading it. I'm home all day and now I feel like I could just sit in front of the TV and eat...

x x x

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