Facial care on a budget


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I use that, it's brilliant XX


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My Mum was telling me about this!!! She and my dad have started using all the other Lacura stuff as well (yes my dear old dad does like to look after his skin too :) ) so I bought the facewipes and they are brilliant! Good old Aldi!!!


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I really like the stuff from Aldi, don't see a difference between their creme and the more expensive ones.

I also use pure Vitamin E oil as a "night creme". Have some skin issues, used to have acne and somebody recommended this. Get a small bottlem from any health shop for £5 or £6, you only need a few drops really, lasts about 6 months. Only problem is that you need to let it "sink in" for a bit before going to bet or you have more on your pillow than your face ;)


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I don't have a very local aldi, but there's one by my sister-in-law's so having read this thread, while I was there anyway yesterday I popped in and got a couple of bits and picked up some wipes, day cream and serum, and an eye roll-on thing coz I am permanently knackered at the moment and it was supposed to be good for dark circles.

I shall test drive them all for a week, along with drinking lots more water and see how my skin improves and report back. One of the things I have been most concious of lately is that whilst there is no argument that I look better for the weight loss - I have noticed that my skin is getting to an age where elasticity is becoming an issue- and so it is time to take better care of it, and myself.


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I have a work colleague who spends an absolute packet on beauty stuff and I stick to Aldi plus Tesco own brand cocoa butter body cream which smells so good it makes my tummy rumble. :D

MadamelaMinx - I bought that eye roll on thingy a couple of weeks back and it seems to be doing the job!

The Aldi stuff consistently scores highly when magazines (and Gok) carry out blind tests.

And beauty stuff aside Aldi is my shopping godsend. Not for everything but 90% of what I buy I can get there for a fraction of what I fork out in our local Tesco Extra.:cool:


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S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
We use this too - smells lovely! Alternatively, if there is a Lloyds pharmacy near you, they do a HUGE tub of aqueous cream that I rub into damp skin in the mornings, £2 for the tub and you can even use it as a moisturising wash for babies!

Also brilliant stuff and the only cream lots of oncologists recommend patients having radiotherapy use.
A friend brought me some over from the U.K. and it was so good.