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:cry:Hi everyone, new to this site but not the cambridge diet. I tried to restart CD last monday and failed miserably,I'm 5ft 1 and weigh 13.10 as of last monday, really dont understand how it all went so wrong as I was so determined and motivated. I know the CD is the best diet for me but I really do need help from everyone out there struggling on sole source but find the strengh to stick to it. Thanks :mad:
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oh sweetie don't beat yourself up too much eh!! it's never easy but when i mess up the best thing for me to do is just start afresh the next day, brush yourself off and start again. You can do this!! x x Get that photo out that you hate (we've all got one... on the fridge???) look at that pair of jeans you really want to wear.... all those things that you want.... not what you don't want (negative boooo) concentrate on what you want from this x


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but I really do need help from everyone out there struggling on sole source but find the strengh to stick to it. Thanks :mad:
Aw hun :hug99:

I really hope there's nobody out there struggling on SS, because if it's a struggle then it's best to do another plan such as SS+

Did you do a prep week? That really helps. Or what about doing SS+ with 4 shakes and milk until you hit ketosis. Same losses as SS.

Personally, I'm much happier putting a client on SS+ until they are confident with the diet, nicely into ketosis and it feels easy. Then if they wish they can drop down to SS, but as I say, weight loss is the same, just cheaper on SS.

Please consider it. It's a fab plan.


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Oh hun - firstly dont beat yourself up, it is hard to do and you really have to be in the right headspace.
We all have off days or times when we struggle - mine is in social situations but its best to focus on the reasons you started this diet in the first place and reach for that bottle of water.
When I've had a particularly bad day I do ss+ - that way I'm eating a little but not binging on naughty foods.
Start again today and move forward. Chat to your CDC too, I'm sure they'll be able to give you some good advice.
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Hey Dream1, I started last week and started on SS+. I have found that knowing I can eat something for dinner gets me through the day. Im going to drop down this week (at some point) to SS - but not until I feel ready to not eat. I just have a piece of chicken and some Veg or salad. Its not alot and Im getting bored of chicken but its helped me enormously. Might be worth a try for a few days. xx


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I think KD's words are very wise.. and remember she has been through it all !

Try a higher plan and then drop down the steps - it's just about getting into the habit

Take care and chat to your CDC that is what they are there for



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hey .... you know if you were riding your bicycle and fell off you would get back on again ..... if you stalled your car - you would start it up again and drive once more ....

losing weight is a bit like that ... if you feel you have failed your first week would you really give up? Sure your confidence is knocked, yeah you might feel bad, embarrased, sad, disapointed, whatever ..... just get back on that plan and try again. Its all good - you will lose weight on CD.

good luck & this is the best place to be when you are having a low day.


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it's not a failure, it's a false start ... try again, you can do it!
and we're all here to help!


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I started last week too - Day 8 today and feeling fine. BUT ..... that's doesn't mean to say I haven't been where you are now 100 times before. I know how it feels but you know that if you really, really, really want to do this - you can :).

Take the advice above, get back on your bike and start again. Don't look on it as a failure, just scribble it out of your head and get back on track. When you are next tempted to put food in your mouth, think about how you feel now and how disappointed you are. That's whatI do, I think about how I will feel after I have eaten - and it ain't good. Come on, tomorrow is another day x

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