Failed.... Or did i ?


Guess whos back...
Well hope everyone had a great Xmas and NY, just back from my trip to Florida and things didnt quite go to SS plan on my trip, not because i failed as such, or i really see it as a last minute change of mind and decision on my part ( i even had my packs in suitcase to USA but never used em). I dont feel bad or failed, i still in control and will be when i contuine to drop the pounds this week when i restart my SS, anyway would appriecate your thoughts on the good the bad and the ugly:

Right onto the bad news first...
I couldn't do it, or more i actively decided not to SS on my holiday, it was all very sudden and at the very last minutes i changed my mind. Basically i sat on the plane with the airlines meal in front of me and simply thought to myself that firstly it was the holiday season and secondly i was having my first holiday for 2years and probably last for 3-4 years due to emigrating plans (more later). And the more i looked at the airline meal the more i thought to myself "well i have done so so well so far, lost 5 1/2 stone in 3months easy without error or ever being tempted to fail, so whats 10days of food going to do but put some back on, i can lose it as fast again". Maybe it was or wasn't the right thoughts but i did sit there on the plane 36000ft above the ground and i decided that for the duration of my holiday and return i would eat normally and take the consequences and then return to SS when i return home. I did think about doing the right food with no-carbs and small portions but it was just not going to work on holiday in theme parks and always on the go, so i even decided that i would eat whatever, good or bad, and just return to SS later. So thats the bad confessed, i have enjoyed a holiday of Carbs and Sugar !! But please dont see it as me losing willpower or failing, as i dont see it like that i genuinely see it that i made a decision i was going to eat whatever and return to SS as soon as i decided, i still totally felt in control of my actions and that was the important thing to me, food wasn't in control i was still in control of food and decided to eat it for a while.

So the good news...
I still have enough packs to last me until thursday this week, as i plan to restart my SS diet on Saturday morning, yes its a minor cop-out in fact i am deciding to eat today at home as a one last treat before 3-4 months of SS again, but again its a conscious decision and i am controlling it. I shall return to SS and my water/packs on Saturday and like before i will get straight into as before, hopefully it will only take 1-2 weeks to lose what i just added back on my holiday (guessing as i haven't been near any scales as i still dont own any! i would guess on 11-12days of junk food i must have added back 7-8 pounds over a holiday? Although the smaller XL clothes i bought before trip still fit fine, so hopefully damage hasn't been too bad.

Oh the Ugly news....
I accept the fact i will need to go through the 3-4days of pain and cravings again when i restart the diet Saturday, i accepted that fact and new it would come when i tucked into that Airline meal on the plane, it doesn't bother me too much, i got through no problem last time and i already have a SS routine and will sweep straight back into Saturday morning.
Welcome back Prof ....

Don't think 'failure' - think 'deferred success' :)

Glad you had a good time and I look forward to sharing in your continuing journey.
Hey Lee....wouldnt call it a failure....I only went to Dublin for a week, came completely off the plan really...although I was a lot more sensible than I would normally have been!! I kind of took your line of thinking as well, it was Christmas, I was on holidays etc so I dont feel bad for going off course!

I did 6lbs of damage, but am struggling to undo be warned...getting back to SS is so not easy!!

I assume you had a fantastic holiday and if SSing thru the holiday was going to mean you wouldnt enjoy it as much, then it wouldnt have been worth it anyway
Hiya Prof

Definitely not a failure - more an informed decision, and as you say you are prepared to take the consequences. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip, and Happy New Year honey ;)
No-one here is a failure, just a success in the making.
Well done, I bet you had a lovely holiday, and the thing now is to get back on track. You have proved you can do it and will.

Well done so far on your loss btw.
Hi Prof. Glad to see you back again.

Think you made a fab decision on your hols, you made it your choice and not a failure. Hope you enjoyed every morsel. 7-8 pounds is a fab result and so is your total loss is. Good luck with the restart.

Dizzy x

Hope you had a great time and hope your ears didn't hurt too much on the flight.

All you have had is a break from the plan, as you say you were controlled it was a conscious decision and you should feel no guilt.

We all have to eat again.

Your plan is in place and you will start the next step of your journey.

Any weight gain will quickly come off.
Hi Professor

Agree with everyone else, you're not a failure, you made a decision and you know what you now have to do. At the end of the day you have to get on with your life & fit the diet into it, you decided, it didn't fit into your holiday and you enjoyed yourself - no-one can blame you for that.

Just hope you're able to get back into SS ok tomorrow - best of luck :)
Thanks all, yes had a great time thankyou (becoming 10y+rs old again with mickey mouse!) pic soon!

This year is the big one for me, lots of life changes hopefully this year both with weight/fitness and hopefully an even bigger life change towards the Autumn (emigration from UK)

So heres to Returning to my plan and heres to 2007 !!
Yeh, the ladies are right Professor - not a failure, a stumble at best, but as you made a conscious decision to not follow the program, not a stumble even - purely a 'time out'.

If you can get the motivation to get back on, you will quickly revers the impact and take that momentum forwards - it is when you have lost your motivation and that causes the dropping off the wagon, that there is a major 'head' problem.

Kepp us posted on how you're doing eh?


Mate, being a lover of Florida, it was a big ask to continue SSing in the land of more than plenty.

I think I can say that I might have managed it anywhere else on the planet, except Florida ;)

It certainly is a great feeling being there though mate as a normal bloke doing stuff, as you say, 10 year old kids would do :D :D

Glad you enjoyed your holiday (never met anybody who hasn't loved it there).

Good luck for the restart. He certainly sound like you have your head in the right place. That is, in my view, half the battle. 8lb for a bloke, what's that a couple of days on SS :D :D (Women tut in disapproval at the wonder of man :p )

Best Wishes
Cool pic Lee, Im so jealous, I completely took a break from SS whilst in Tunisia in November, and whilst it wasnt easy getting back to SS, I did it, and kept my head down and battled through the first few days, came out the other end at target, so planned breaks can work, I am proof.

Just get your head round getting back to it and dive in!