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  1. donnamarie2uk

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    Day 1 was great but yesterday and today haven't gone well. I manage mornings and afternoons ok till I come home and it all goes to pot when I cook my daughters tea and then I eat everything in sight :cry::cry: but i do want to lose some weight.
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    Aww Donna.. im just the same.. serial restarter me!!

    Im ok till i've gotta cook family tea, or if i make it through tea time.. it's later at night i pick! :(

    All i can say is dont give up hun, keep at it, keep posting and reading threads on here, cause you can get so much inspiration on this site.

    And keep guggling the water..
    I've read on here the saying goes " the more you drink.. the more you shrink!"

    Best of luck... and it does get easier past day 4/5 honest.. ive been there!
    And i plan on getting there again! lol :)
  4. Kira

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    Donnamarie why not try having your CD pack at the same time as your daughter has her tea and drink a glass or two of water. throw out any leftovers so you are not tempted to finish them. Also consider whether you are in the right frame of mind to start CD you may be better leaving it a couple of days before you start again. Whilst I found the first few days tough I got through it as I had made the decision I am to try and prove to myself I could control what I ate rather that the food control me. Don't get me wrong I still struggle, and some days a good others not so good. Once you get going you will be able to do it.
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    Hi DonnaMarie
    It's tough - but you can do it... you've made the decision and come this far :).

    Can you only cook her a little bit of tea... buy snacks you really can't stand ... Try and delete everything that may tempt you... I know I had to [Coconut buscuits = yuk].
    Draw a line... and you will do it tomorrow.
    Good Luck :hug99:
  6. ScrummyMummy

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    Slim and Save
    Perhaps you could have a photie of a person with the kind of figure you'd like stuck in the kitchen somewhere, maybe the fridge? It seems to do the trick for me, hits me in the face everytime I see it and makes me think twice! Good luck, you can do it :p xx
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