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  1. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    hi wasnt sure where to post this, but i am really struggling with losing weight atm. i'll try not to bore you for too long, but i started at 16st 10lbs last june, am not 13 stone. but the last month, maybe a bit longer i have been in constant binge mode. i have stayed the same weight as ive been forcing myself to eat very little when i have the willpower.
    i want to point out how badly i have been binging-
    starting eating at 11am, it is now 12.30. in that hour and a half i have eaten:
    slice of toast
    ham sandwich
    1/2 giant bag of crisps
    6 chocolate biscuits
    tortilla pizza (tortilla with tomatoe puree, ham and cheese)
    another handful of crisps
    ANOTHER tortilla pizza
    i feel sick but i still want to eat! i was almost in tears last night because i was eating and eating (and drinking), and i was angry for eating but i still wanted it. right now i could go back in the kitchen and eat more! its sick. i have gone weeks eating well and exercising, but once i eat i binge ridiculously (making the most of it i suppose) :(

    im sorry to rant, just feeling a bit hopeless. im not stupid (well..), i know that im the only person who puts food in my mouth. i know if i want to be slim i cant eat like this, but its like i dont care in the moment, and that the food is more important. reading this back i sound like a crazy person. anyway just wanted to get it off my chest
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  3. Nic1559

    Nic1559 Full Member

    Aw Hun, don't beat yourself up about it. Just vow to try again tomorrow. Dieting is the hardest thing in the world, and I've had so many days like yours. I think, I'm now succeeding due to grim determination. That and coming on here every time I feel hungry, to try ad turn the put something in my mouth habit into a distraction.

    Good luck for tomorrow, you can do it!
  4. Sunnshine

    Sunnshine Full Member

    I can identify with you. Many a time in the past I have been the same with food. Put it down to a bad day. You can do it, so start again tomorrow and good luck.
  5. marzipanda

    marzipanda Full Member

    I've had an awful week so I know how you feel! I thought it would be a good idea to have crisps break peanut butter and chocolate in the cupboard for days I deserve a treat, obviously backfired and I ate the lot, plus fish and chips, burger king triple whopper meal (super sized, obviously) and a mass of other junk!! But today I woke up happy that all that stuff is now gone and I can focus on the healthy stuff in the kitchen! All you can do is start a new day! I'm making soup for me to just munch through today, kinda detoxing myself after there sheer amount of rubbish consumed! You can do it, we all have bad periods but we get back on it once its out of our system! Keep at it!
  6. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    thank u all, nice to know im not the only one :) its amazing how u can have horrid cravings and want to eat everything in sight one day, but then feel refreshed and motivated again the next
    onwards and downwards :) x
  7. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    I was exactly the same, I would eat eat and eat til i felt sick. I needed to know why I was eating, I was eating when I was bored, when I was upset, when I was stressed. My friend said to me, and it's been said to me on here, if hunger isn't the problem then food isnt the answer, she told me that if I feel a binge coming on keep busy for 15 minutes, have a large glass of water and if I still want something to eat, have it, but in moderation. Well it's all well and good saying this but doing it is so hard! I am trying it though and I have still had big binges but I'm more determined then ever to succeed now!
    Hope that helps xx
  8. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    yeah its strange how it isnt hunger, just emotional eating i suppose. bit worried ill have these little 'lose control' moments forever lol, cant seem to get out of binge mode once it hits.
    thanks lucy, like you say its just bout finding something to distract you before heading for the food! saying that ive had a big bar of galaxy and an extra large glass of wine tonight :p x
  9. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    It's hard isnt it. I'm the same but it's not good to with hold what you fancy, it's just having it in moderation. I know I'm looking forward to a massive glass of wine after work tomorrow and I had mini eggs tonight (12 pieces = 5 pp) it's about control and moderation x
  10. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    hi found out why i might have been struggling so much a few weeks ago and why i might have been feeling a bit down and annoyed with myself for eating- im pregnant lol :D
    still no excuse really, dont want to end up piling on the lbs on last time, but not going to grill myself for eating a 'normal diet' lol x
  11. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Silver Member

    Aww congratulations :D xx
  12. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    thank you :) x

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