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Hi all, thank you for your company over the last week. I weighed in after a 100% week and only lost 5lb. I also walked 6km every day.

I was so upset and disappointed that I fell right off the wagon - as I know it's water Iost I am now back to square one.

Thanks for your company and support and I think you are all amazing with outstanding willpower. I think I will now try diet and exercise but am at rock bottom. I return to work from maternity leave on the 28th of next month and was hoping to really look great. My mindset has just totally faltered now.
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Hi MissMoc, yes it is hard when you see others having huge losses and yours are more modest - I also lost 5lbs my first week but after 7 weeks I had lost 2 stone!! There are so many variables- how much you have to lose, TOTM, gender and so on that affect how much weight you lose each week, but week on week the losses add up and it seems too get easier. This diet isn't for everyone hun, take care whatever you chose to do and all the best for your return to work x


Back on the diet train...
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Aww hun I'm sorry you feel sad. Big hug. But lots of factors can contribute.

In your first week it's mostly just water you lose and each person holds a diff amount. Also how much you need to lose, TOTM and if you drank the water can have an impact. You may have lost inches hun which though don't show on the scales are just as important.

If you feel LT isn't for you then do what you feel better with but I remember doing this a few years back and I lost 7lb now even though that's a great loss I was disappointed as one time on WW i lost 8lb my first week and didn't have all the withdrawal to deal with. But I stuck with I and that month lost 19lb!

I wish you well on whatever diet you do hun and hope your return to work is good. :)


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hi mismoc think possitive its still a loss maybe give it another week its so much easier the second week.good luck whatever u decide x