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Fainting? <long>


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I am curious to know other people's experiences of fainting whilst on LL.

Here is what has happened..

Yesterday I bought myself lots of goodies from Lush so I decided to treat myself to a nice hot bath. I like my bath that hot that it bites the skin.

Anyway, had lovely hot bath. I always shower straight after to rinse my hair. I stood up and had a dizzy spell then started to do my hair, all of a sudden I felt very nauseous but continued with my hair, the feeling did not pass and I remember wishing I could just hurry up. I always flash my hair in very cold water before I get out of the shower.

I stepped out of the shower and called my partner and said I felt odd, I wrapped my body in a towel and started to walk through to the bedroom - I felt extremly odd. I remember Rik trying to walk with me and I said he was too close, the next thing I know I am laying on the floor, shaking like a leaf and he is trying to rouse me. I felt very peculiar, stayed laying on the floor for a while and got myself very upset :(

I have banged and bruised various parts of my body :(

I got myself up, towel round my hair and spoke to my Mum so calmed down a bit now.

I had a hot bath last weekend and when I got out felt rather funny for a few minutes and remember thinking, I should not have it that hot next time - obviously I forgot!

I am going to put this down to the temperature of the bath and the fact I stayed in bed till 1100 this morning so had not had the water I would have usually had at this point.

It frightened me :(

A bruised and battered Kat xx
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Ahh, poor you Kat. :( You take it easy now, and let your body revive.

I had some very close calls myself, but never hit the floor, though had to hold on mightly to the counter or I would have. I was taking very strong pain killers, and I attirbuted it to them on top of the diet.

But even times without the pills, I had some real head spinning moments, and, particularly when getting out of the bath. ;)

I too love a hot bath. I don;t use any cold water until about the final 2 inches of the tub, and then only a small trickle. I did have to change that for awhile.

It is a side effect of a low calorie diet for many of us. Main thing is to remember, get up slowly now, until it backs off. It may come and go....but should pass.

Also, don't tkae such hot baths anymore. even if you cool down with a cold shower after....it just zaps too much out of ya at this stage I think.

Be sure to hydrate well today, and don;t wait too much between packs for the next few days, and it should get easier.

Just be really aware now, as it could hapen again.

Feel better you bruise gurl!! :)

I had a few times when I felt very light headed and one when I was in a stand up tanning booth (yes, I know they're bad for me) and just had to get out of it and lie on the floor.

I think it shows us just how much we're pushing our bodies. Strange though too as for the most part I'm full of energy when I'm in Ketosis.

You just be careful Katalena. And thanks for now giving me a 'Lush craving'!!

sukie sue

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((((huggs))) bless you kat xxxx
the worst i had was dizzy spels if i walked the mile home too quickly , please take good care of yourself hunnie xxx


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Hey Kat

Sorry to hear you had a nasty turn, hope you are feeling a bit better now. That often happens to me, moreso now that I am on the diet - not that I have gone so far as to faint. It has also happened previously pre LL days - something to do with your blood pressure going up and down with the heat. I am also a massive fan of really hot baths, these days I am making them a little cooler.

Pop some arnica on those bruises hun.

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Big hugs kat x

I bath in very hot water then shower cold to and i to noticed one night that i felt sick and my heart was racing fast i felt faint i had to let the water out and put cold in i think it is the high temp of water to.hope you feel better soon x x x

x x x sam x x x
Hi Kat,
Sorry that happened to you. How scary for you and your partner.
It sounds like too hot bath and not enough cold water inside you. You must remember to keep hydrated.
Another thing that I experience was feeling dizzy and losing my balance as my centre of gravity changed because I'd lost so much weight. It takes a while for your body to adjust. That feels weird too!
You take care of yourself.

LL Gal

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Hope you're feeling better Kat. xx


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Even folk on a normal diet can feel faint if they stand up quick or are active after a very hot bath. And jacuzzis often have warnings as the hot water can affect peoples blood pressure.

Hope you feeling better now. xx
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hi kat
i passed out for a second after being in the jacuzzi at the gym. it was very hot and when i got out and stood under the shower i fainted and banged my eye on the wall - hitting my eye bought me round but it wasn't very nice & and i had a bruise.
i also would find hot baths made me feel wobbly too
hope you feeling better x
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I too like hot baths and quite often feel light headed when I get out, hope you are feeling better now. I've started taking a bottle of water (to drink) in with me!


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
I am feeling better today thanks folks xx

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