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Fair,Fat and Forty....but not for much longer

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Jackie65, 24 June 2013 Social URL.

  1. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    Unfortunately I am at the wrong end of my 40's and there's nothing I can do about that :sigh: but I can change my weight. I have done the SW plan two times before and lost 3 stone each time but then I stopped going to class and piled it all back on plus some...I'm determined thats not going to happen this time. I want to be able to walk into any shop and find something that not only fits but I want to wear and feel good about the way I look.
    It has taken me longer to lose the weight this time and I have lost the plot a few times so my hope is by writing it all down in public it will help me stay on track. I have a family holiday booked for October half term and I want to go away and be confident in my swimming costume and not be shying away from the camera.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my diary and any help would be appreciated
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  3. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    When I first started SW I did red and green days but over the last couple of weeks I have switched to EE as this seems to be better for long term commitment but I must admit there are times when I miss my 2 heb choices

    Breakfast: porridge - ( heb)
    coffee (Milk - hea)

    Lunch Jacket potato and beans with salad

    snack Activia 0% blueberry yogurt

    tea planning on sunshine pork (pork chops, new potato, tomato, garlic and rosemary)

    syns not sure yet
  4. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    I have been trying to do some new recipies this week. Had the sunshine pork for tea with lots of broccoli - very nice and tasty, followed by a 0% activia mrhubarb yogurt (1/2 syn)
    Now sat in front of the tv thinking about what I can have to eat now.....this is my 'bad' time :(
  5. paigesmum30

    paigesmum30 Silver Member

    Hi Jackie. i'm the same. either want to eat or drink. bought a cooked chicken from Tesco for dinner today. my daughter and her friend had some for dinner, I had some with salad, and now im contemplating hovering up the rest! as long as we snack on free foods surely that's ok?
  6. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    yeah but I dont always go for the free option :(, ended up having a fudge bar while watching BB last night. Tonight is WI, tuesdays always drag waiting till 5.30 to go and get weighed.

    breakfast today was porridge and banana

    lunch tuna salad

    tea will be chicken biryani bake when i get home from class

    Usually have a treat on a tue not sure what yet though....lastweek had fish finger butty and 3 pieces of cake :cry: so dreading the scales tonight although I have been quite good the rest of the week
  7. paigesmum30

    paigesmum30 Silver Member

    Good luck for weigh in. Let me know how you get on. I'm sure a fudge bar won't make much difference and you'll have done fab! I'm getting weighed in the morning eeeeekk!
  8. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    Just got home lost 1 lb which took me into another stone bracket....along time since I've seen the 13's :)

    good luck tomorrow claire x
  9. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    breakfast - porridge and banana (just for a change!)
    lunch - chicken tikka salad
    snack 2 x 0% activia yogurts
    tea - beef srir fry, strawberries and yogurt

    feeling a bit blah today :( think I need an early night and hopefully feel better tomorrow
  10. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    Miserable day out there :( Glad I'm inside watching the tennis

    guess what I had for breakfast again!! Will definately change it up at the week-end,

    lunch - jacket with beans and cheese and a 0% yogurt

    tea - pasta with H/M veggie tomatao sauce, used up all the bits lurking at the bottom of the fridge, watermelon

    snacks - so far an apple
  11. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    had a change this am for breakfast I had.......porridge with strawberries lol

    lunch was quorn sausage and salad

    Think I am getting a chinese takeaway for tea. Anybody got any suggestions for a SW friendly chinese?? Dont often get takeaways but DD is going through 'boy' trouble and needs cheering up so take away and girly night on the cards for tonight
  12. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    eurggghhh....so annoyed with myself. went completely off plan last night, got a chinese takeaway and once i started eating i couldn't stop, ate all the prawn crackers, mushroom fried rice and chicken blackbean sauce. Then I started on ben and jerrys icecream, brownies and cookies my daughter had bought. Life has been a bit stressful recently both my daughters are going through a hard time and as a single parent theres only me to help them through it, need to try and get my head back in the zone.
  13. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    Well I completely blew the whole weekend food wise....and didn't even enjoy it that much felt too guilty. Its weigh in tomorrow so not holding much hope :cry:I fell right back into my old coping mechanism, first sign of stress......eat.
    Trying to get back on track today, I am 7 lbs away from the lowest weight I have ever achieved with SW and every time I have got to that weight before I have stopped going to class and put it all back on. Worried now that I am losing focus again.

    Anyway today's menu was

    B - porridge with banana
    L - Jacket with beans and broccoli, muller yogurt, peach
    T - mushy pea curry and rice

    With all that beans and peas maybe I'll have got rid of all my excesses before weigh in ;)
  14. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    ok been good tonight, had 1 hifi light and some frozen grapes, just got to get through the next hour without being bad
  15. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Put the weekend behind you, it's in the past now. No matter how guilty you feel or how mum you beat yourself up it won't change anything. Instead try to learn from it, what was your trigger? What got you to give in? Is there anything you can put in place to try and help you resist next time?
  16. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    Well I've well and truly fallen off the wagon :( Always find school holidays hard but completely lost all motivation this summer and unofficially have gained 9 lbs in 6 weeks. Back to work today and am trying to get back into the 'zone,' got a holiday to Tenerife at October half term so really need to get my ass in gear. Its so easy to slip into your old habits, for me that's sat in front of the tv with a treat or two or three....... and never a healthy option. Well wish me luck any support would be greatly appreciated.

    Breakfast: porridge (he b ), banana

    Lunch: pasta salad with tomato cuc pepper ham and ff vinegariette dressing

    (he a, milk)

    Tea: Salmon with ginger soy sauce, boiled new potatoes and carrots
    mullerlight yogurt

    Syns: not sure yet but will definitely need a snack tonight can't go cold turkey ;)

    ended up having a packet of walkers mighty light crisp for 5 1/2 syns
    Last edited: 3 September 2013
  17. rachboo

    rachboo Full Member

    Hi Jackie I'm the same ! It's a struggle during the summer hols but like yourself I'm back on it today hoping to get off a couple of stone for Xmas !! Good luck :)
  18. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    Good luck to you too Rach back to routine now so hopefully will get easier.

    Well it was weigh in today not quite sure how I did it as I haven't been good until Monday but lost 1 lb this week (this was after a 5 1/2 lb gain last week, was expecting a gain again)

    Breakfast today: porridge (he b) and banana

    Lunch: jacket potato and beans

    Tea: beef lasagne from new magazine (2 syns)

    nectarine, peach

    He a: milk
  19. babytreetrunk89

    babytreetrunk89 Gold Member

    Hi here to subscribe... well done on your loss :) xx
  20. rachboo

    rachboo Full Member

    Well done : always a bonus when u don't expect it ;)
  21. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    Hi there Brittany how is your weight loss going?

    Still feeling motivated today :)

    breakfast: scrambled egg and toast (he b)

    lunch: cheese salad, nectarine and peach

    Tea: bolognaise sauce with rice, FF yogurt

    Going to work on my daughters personal statement now for uni so that should keep me occupied and away from the fridge.......hopefully

    hope everyone is having a good day x

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