fairly down


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:(feeling fairly down at the moment
my weight loss isnt as good as i would have thought it would be and i twisted my ankle while takeing the pup to the park this afternoon
was suppose to be starting gym on thursday but wont be if my foot dosent get any better:(
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Oh des dont let this get you down, why dont you start posting a diary on here, and put your food on it!! Maybe we can help you hun!! Dont worry too much about the exercise, rest the ankle properly and you will soon be able to get going again!! Dont let this put you off track!!

You have lost 7lb so far and thats brilliant, isnt it better than 7lb on!!


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Like Rach said..it's better a bit off...as long as you're not gaining! Rest your ankle..While your at home you could always try stretches or something to do with arms that doesn't affect your ankle..Dont know. Dont worry love...Keep your head up..It'll heel eventually and you'll be back on track. :)

Leanan Sidhe

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Keep going girl! You'll be all the better for it! No one said it was going to be easy! Anything that's worth having is hard to get! YOU CAN DO IT!:)


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dont let it get you down hun we are all here for you. like as been said above some weight loss is better than a weight gain. look at it like a little more rest before the real hard deal at the gym begins :)


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Glad you're feeling better today hun, make sure you rest your ankle for a good few days before trying to exercise again. You're doing great, keep it up! :)