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fallen off the wagon AGAIN please help me!


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right, on monday i was super determined that i was going to pull myself around and had a great day, yesterday had a good day with eating too until i went to my mother in laws and had 4 glasses of wine, 1 red, 3 rose.
the because i was a bit tipsy i went and ate a small chocolate caramel wafer bar and just remembered a few of my daughters organic cheese puff crisps!!! :eek::eek:

now this morning i feel so ashamed. it was day 2 of my new start and i already feel like ive messed it up. im seriously thinking of quitting and just residing myself to the fact that i obviously dont want it enough or i wouldnt keep sabotaging myself.

i have weigh in thursday morning and i really dont want to go, im on my totm aswell to top it off so a gain is inevitable and i just dont feel i can deal with the embarrassment after staying the same 2 weeks running and having a takeaway fest at the weekend-what on earth is wrong with me?

please help!!! :cry::break_diet:
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Don't be disheartened! We all have dodgy days. I was hoping I'd become immune to them magically having controlled myself really well since starting but I did similar last night for no reason at all! Yes you probably feel a bit silly like me but in the grand scheme of things will it make much of a difference? I don't think so.

Don't give up, you'll only come to regret it later on and look back and wonder why you worried over a few glasses of wine and choc. Hop back on to plan right now and try and forget about it. Eat some speed foods til weigh in and you may find your little whoops moment has little effect. I know it's nasty with TOTM too but we have to go through it every month and just accept it unfortunately.

There isn't anything 'wrong' with you, well if there is then we all have something wrong too. We wouldn't be here if we knew how to control ourselves all the time all we can do is try and learn to keep it to a minimum. When you're tempted remind yourself why you want to lose weight and look at how much better you'll feel once it's gone. :)
Honey TBH it will probably not be the last time you have a "bad" day, but the good thing is you know you have done & so can do something about it.

Get straight back on plan & try & stick 100% on plan now, use your syns for "treats" so your not depriving yourself & you may be ok for WI.

Please still go along to WI - it can be a very slippy slope if you don't go becuase your expecting gains, at least if you do it may help with the encouragment you need to keep you on track.
draw a line under it and start again.I find it hard to start and need a while to get into it. If you haqd just started running you wouldn't expect to do 3km the first week would you. Ease off the criticism and you may find it a bit easier xxx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Get yourself along to WI honey - If you dont go you will find it really hard to get back on track.
Ive had these too - 3 days of it at the bank holiday plus my totm!!!and I only put on 1/2lb so you could still have lost - and if you havent it doesnt matter, you knoe where you went wrong.
Getting back on plan asap is the key here - good luck x

Mrs V

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Ok, so you went over by a few syns...not a massive amount by the seems of it all Hun. Just do as the others have suggested and get back on track and you will see a change on the scales come Thursday. Its my * week this week too and I have managed to shed 3lbs! How I have no idea!

Good luck!
OK mentally say to yourself "I didn't fall off the wagon" count the syns up you had that day and deduct them through out the week off your syns allowance that way you didn't fall off the wagon!! Keep positive!!
I think this personally is the only diet I have been on where falling off the wagon is really not a major thing!! as long as it doesn't happen all the time!!
I'm still getting my head around the science of it!! :D


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thankyou all for the support,

ive been good today and only had a few syns for some butter that the kind lady in the sandwich shop put on my bread when id asked her not to grrr :mad:
i am having fish and stir fry for tea and got mango to snack on later so fingers crossed i will have sts tomorrow( even though i have stayed the same for 2 weeks running now double grrr)

also i have had 2 totm's this month as my pill has had a bad effect and ive had to stop taking it after being back on it a few days so that isnt helping my weight loss this month!

i am just desperately wanting to shed half a stone by my birthday next month as i have done so well so far i know i can do it but im just stuck, im actually beginning to think their scales are broken lol

anyway i shall do what youve all suggested, draw a line under it and start again-again!!! keep your fingers crossed that there is a miracle at weigh in tomorrow!:)


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The big thing is that you are going to weigh in!

I know how it feels to have had a bad week and DREAD weigh in.

I have given in before and told myself 'I'll just skip this one and be extra good for the next one', but it NEVER works.

Honestly, and I've done it about 10-12 times, never going back, and subsequently rejoining some months later, inevitably heavier than before.

Go. Face up to it. Oh, and kick the wine into touch too - it messes with our inhibitions, particularly concerning food ;)


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you are so right, i was determined this time i joined to never miss a week because of a bad week but this is honestly the worst ive felt, but im going to go and face up to it because like you say if i miss this week then tell myself i have to be good next week i still wont do it and just end up leaving. a gain is inevitable this week, i am coming to terms with that now ive calmed down but next week there are no excuses or reasons to be naughty.

i am not drinking this weekend because unfortuneately i have a good 3 months of every weekend there is some birthday/engagement/wedding or christening to go to so im not expecting miracles but just a pound a week would be nice!!

but you are right about wine, evil stuff ive felt yuk all day and just wanting to eat white bread-but havent
I agree with the others. I was absolutely convinced I'd put weight on this week because of having to take meds with a side effect of weight gain, and when I got to WI I had lost a lb. You might be pleasantly surprised. And if you have gained, then talk to your C and see if they can give you some ideas for substitutes for the things you are falling on. Mine gave me some great low syn or free dessert ideas, because that was my problem. So yours may be able to give you alternatives to things that you want, that won't break the plan.

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