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Fallen off the wagon- but dont feel bad

So basically the subject of the thread said it all....

Ive been so so unhappy the last few days, as some will know as i have not stop moaning- sorry guys! And this morning i cracked and i ate...
So far only two weetabix with milk and sugar and some raisens.

I thought i would feel so guilty and bad....but i genuinely feel the way i was feeling i needed to have it...does that make sense? I dont know if it was a craving or more my body telling me something?

Or is that me trying to justify being a pig and succumbing to food....who knows...all i know is im not going to beat myself up about it. Yeah its bad. Yes i will regret it tomorrow, but...ho hum its done now!

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Have you thought ahead for the rest of the day? Are you planning on eating at all, or going back to CD? Try not to beat yourself up over it, just reflect on the experience, and get back on track. You can do this, YOU CAN!

well...i thought about having a day off...eat all the things ive been craving but i know i should in theory get straight back on...just not sure which at the moment :S...



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So far only two weetabix with milk and sugar and some raisens.
take off the "so far" bit and get back on the wagon!!! you sound like you're aiming for more!!!!


I said somewhere else this morning though, I'm so glad there's no milk in the flat, I'd really struggle not having cereal if the option was there... I could happily live on cereal.
Lol thanks for the hug...it should be a kick up the arse though i just dont think i can do it anymore lol xxx
what...no salt and vinegar rice cakes or a blueberry muffin lol damn it!xxx
Funny you should say that as cereal is one of my demons- i guess portrayed in the choice of demon to break me lol xxx


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oh don't start on the muffins!! I love muffins so much!! yeah I'll change that, I could live off cereal and muffins. and cookies. and crunchie bars. and sausage and mash.

but no, you can't have any!!! get drinking that water! :whoopass: will that do?
I too could live off cereal, what I'd do for a bowl of shreddies and golden syrup!

But remember, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels.

Please try and resist, you will feel so good for doing so, padlock the fridge! Go out, do housework, write down the reasons why you started this in the first place, do not give in! The cravings will pass, honestly!
Mines bread and butter....salt and vinegar rice cakes....cereal.....muffins and homemade cake and their mix!
Okay ill try ill try- just want food still....ill go get some water and read a mag to try and take my mind off it- canny promise anything though.
Wonder how much ill put on! Damn lol....


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have you got anything more exciting you could drink? a nice tea or something? maybe you're just bored of water!! that might take your mind off food. I had peppermint tea yesterday, I never realised it's actually quite nice!!


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that's a good idea Gemma.. probably feels less like a diet that way!!

I really don't like the chocolate ones unfortunately :( I thought I would, I used to like chocolate slimfast, I just find they taste odd!!! If I want a hot shake I make vanilla and put some coffee in it :)
that sounds lovely too but i really hate then shakes you make up i think they are horrible! so weird as different people like different shakes and tastes!


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yeah it is a bit strange!!! there's something about the choc ones that put me off, especially the tetras!! the banana tetras aren't that great either but I use them to take to work cos I might get funny looks if I took my blender!!! I did used to make hot choc out of the choc mint sachets, but it's not as nice as an options mint choc, so I'll just stay off it a while and look forward to having a proper one when I'm slim :D
my orders now are only vanilla, strawberry and fruits of the forest shakes, banana tetras and a few bars.
Ohhh dear.....i cannot stop....today will have to be an absolute write off for me guys....feel like ive let myself down but also everyone else!
Im going to go hang my head in shame and come back on minimins in a few days hopefully with a new sense of focus :S....
Have a good weekend everyone xxxx
Oi, don't you go anywhere! Have you eaten something else?


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how about a compromise, you come back tomorrow with that focus!! :D

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