Fallin off the wagon, dont know if I can be bothered to get back on.

So had moody weekend with the MR which started it all off. Was a right stroppy cow yesterday as all I wanted to do was eat. had proper falling out last night with the MR over something stupid and had all of about 2 hours sleep.
Today I am working and looking after my friends little boy who is 5 at their house. At my house I have nothing that I can just grab......here completely different story.
Had some ham and salad when making his lunch and then helped him finish his French fry crisps now just feeling worse and more tired, want ot curl up on the sofa with the TV and everything I shouldn't have .....and I'm not normally a person who would do that

Have a lot going on ATM and have to re-feed next Sunday anyway as having surgery on the 11th , think I'm feeling a bit like, well I may enjoy it before I cant do anything for 6 weeks. Maybe it was a bad time to go back on this kind off all or nothing thing. I'm tired and stressed as standard and have like a million things to do before I'm not able to do anything. My recovery wont be finished until dec so have to sort xmas now I feel half like im trying to make excuses and half like I've just chosen the wrong time and with everything else going on I just cant focus on it . Sorry just needed a rant with out a reply of why don't you just make you mind up !!
i think your finding reasons why you shouldnt go back onto lipotrim and honestly if you feel like that your not to stick to it...its such a waste of money to do that to yourself so why not rethink and start afresh once your over your op and we are into the new year?! new year, new start sort of thing. good luck with whatever you decide to do.

h x