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Falling Off the Wagon in the best way I can!!


Doing it for keeps now!!
I fell off the wagon last night!!:sigh:

I had my thai soup in a pan with spring greens, spinach and a few quorn chicken pieces!! It was delicious and very filling...like a chuncky chicken and veg soup...but obviously I am not allowed it on sole source!!!:(

So back on the wagon today...What I do find though is, if I DO feel the overwhelming urge to binge I make sure I have food in the house that is compatible with the diet...ie loads of green veg and white fish or quorn....so I eat but do the least damage!!

In fact my gluttonous nature made me a second porion last night with my final meal of the day...and you know what...I couldn't finish it!! I had to put it away...for once I didn't force myself to finish a dish just because it was there!!! :D

So even though I fell off the wagon...I am very proud that I am finally learning to change my habits and to listen to my body again...that was the whle reason for doing a SS diet...so retrain my body to listen to itself and not just eat (albeit healthy food) until I was stuffed or in pain!!:eek:

So what I want to say is this...fall off the wagon but find something positive about why you did it, so that you won't be discouraged to get back on and start over again!! :)
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Hi Natalie

As far as falling off the wagon goes that wasn't too bad. Well done for being able to keep control!!

Its my first week (day 6 now) and I have struggled but I'm determined to stick at it. When do you WI again??

Susan x


Doing it for keeps now!!
I weigh every Friday, so I've lost 12lbs in my first 2 weeks. If I average 3lbs per week on SS then I will be really happy!:D


Doing it for keeps now!!
I'm annoyed at myself that I am giving into cravings whe I know when I am doing it, that I don't need too.

I've decided that weekends are my weak times, so I am going to have to find ways of filling my time in the weekend evenings more productively.

I haven't touched any of the food that I make for my DH/DS so I am happy with that...but reading all the fabulous recipes for 790 I jsut had to try...it's temptation and it's silly, but I must get over it!


Happiness in a shake!
well done for seeing the possitive and learning a new lesson to boot! x

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