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  1. glammam

    glammam Full Member

    The only thing I am finding at the moment is I am cooking seperate meals for me and my husband. My daughter has been on solids now for a few months but what I am aiming for is to cook lovely, healthy family meals that the three of us can enjoy but is not going to ruin my weight loss. Any recipe ideas or any family cookbooks that are worth a look? This food business is hard work!!!

    THANK YOU xxx
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  3. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

    Hi Glam

    I have a fab low fat mediterranian cook book, I will have a look tomorrow and jot down some of the is so good and different as well.
  4. kered

    kered Gold Member

    My OH eats the same as me as its just normal everyday meals now, but omitting the fat, or most of it. We have things like Shepherds Pie and vegetables, Salads, Steaks, just normal everyday meals.

    Why are you cooking seperate for yourself and your OH?
  5. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    I cook seperate meals too, but it's because I enjoy different foods to him! He's a meat & 2 veg man, I'm a fish & steamed veg or salad woman! LOL! I don't mind at all. Him & the girls eat stuff like spag bol, minced beef, stews, pasta with chicken/beef in sauces etc. etc.
    I prefer stir-fry's, grilled fish (all kinds) with veg, soups, salads etc.
    Sorry...thats not much help is it?...
  6. irishhobo

    irishhobo Full Member

    I have to say that I cook the same for me and my parents, spag bol, chicken fillets, chips, salad and spuds. Basically we eat the same but in different quantities, I still weigh my food and my parents have what they like and enjoy the food I make! I just make sure I'm not punching above my weight... pardon the pun!!! lol! No need to cook specially for others as long as u go down the low fat and healthy route. I hope this helps!
  7. glammam

    glammam Full Member

    Its so hard because he will not eat any veg at all! Not even onions and mushrooms in curry, or spag bol! Had a big chat last night though about how I dont want our daughter to be fussy and he said he will start eating what I cook now (he even ate sweede and carrot tonight!) Going to order some Annabel Karmel (think thats her name!) books off amazon now. Supposed to have some great recipes suitable for babies too. Really want to start cooking for her instead of using jars all the time. Been too worried about giving her the wrong things!

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