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    I would like to say my family are supportive of me ssing, but they are not really, they keep saying there worried about me:rolleyes: not eating food, even though i have explained to them about it all untill im blue in the face.

    My brother seems to think on ww, sw or any other weight loss program with food i will loose just as much?

    On a wednesday when its my weigh in he phones to ask what i have lost, when i tell him he says 'oh not to bad', which makes me feel like crap, because what else can you do on this diet to make you loose more.

    I really do not need this, because at the moment i am looking for any excuse to give up, and i really want to stick with it.

    I lost 3lb last week, i was dissapointed with that so i hope i have a better loss this week.:)

    Hope you all have a good week xxx
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    Pebbles you have done really well - and 3lb is great! and 2st 6lb is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

    This diet is hard enough for many of US to get our heads round .... so harder for someone who doesn't know anything about it. Maybe take him along with you to your next weigh in and let your CDC explain to him ... might help and I know I'd be willing to talk to a family member if given permission by my client.

    Don't give up - you are doing this for yourself!
  4. Isobel1965

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    Families can be real diet saboteurs!!!

    My mum was the same - she just didn't get it at all.

    3lbs is a really good loss - the average is 3-4lbs a week due to the sheer maths of how many calories you're in defecit by.

    Most people are not going to lose that much consistently over time with a food eating plan tbh as they get bored and lose their motivation. At least with a vlcd, you get quick results which spur you on.

    Your brother might think he's being supportive by ringing you up on WI night, but he's making you feel worse. Perhaps you might not be in when he rings next time? lol

    Don't worry - you're a grown up and in charge of what goes in your mouth! Your family will stop having a pop at you when they see how much weight you've lost and how healthy and happy you are (my mum's just lost 5 stone on CD!!!)
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    Ah family!! :rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes:

    I'm so sorry he is making you feel so bad :( .. you know, 3lbs is excellent and how much worse would you feel if it was going on! Blimey... just think if you hadn't lost it and had gained it.. that would make you 6lbs heavier than you are now! So - in a way.. you have lost 6lbs!!!

    As for the family - I have the same with my mother (aka "She who has no faith") and my suggestion to you is this... tell your brother you will call him each time you reach one of your targets! He doesn't have to know what your weight loss is each's YOUR life, YOUR loss! If he calls again on Wednesday you can do one of the following things...

    1) thank him for his interest and tell him your weight loss and let him make his comment and make you feel poo and not respond


    2) you can thank him for his interest, tell him your weight loss and before he has a chance to speak/comment/criticise burst out with "isn't that fantastic, just think... I'm losing weight at a healthy pace for MY body in a monitored and medically recognised way and BOY do I feel fab for it!! Thanks for calling ,., must dash, got so much to do!:D


    3) call him first and be enthused with your loss (that element of surprise and gusto might be enough to stop him in his tracks!:p )

    but seriously... despite my jesting.. (although you COULD do some of the above;) ) it is horrid when those we love aren't as supportive as we need or would like them to be. :(

    No easy fix, it's families for ya! He just needs edumacating about it all, and just you stick to it... it's your body and up to you! He'll hopefully see the change in you and will be so happy for you that he will start his calls with a genuine ... "so tell me, slimmer of the week, how'd it go this time?":D
  6. Gill-cdthing

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    families are a pain sometmes, i really do think you should ask your brother to either be supportive or shut up, and then prove him wrong by carrying on doing fantastically,
  7. kazz

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    I refuse to tell my family about CD until I actually see them at fact I have told nobody so far. People that know nothing about a VLCD seem to think that healthy eating is the way to lose weight, and my family for one would not understand that healthy eating is only healthy when you actually STOP eating!! This diet is perfect for me, and by the time my family need to know about it they will be able to see the proof that it works
  8. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    good on ya girl :)
  9. Princess

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    Arent families the worst when it comes to diets :rolleyes:
    I also have an auntie who txts me sometimes even when Im at the weigh in! Asking how much Ive lsot and if its 2 or 3 lb its all "Oh its ok babes you will lose more next time" im like "Im not upset im happy ive lost something at least geez! :rolleyes:"

    Id follow the advice been given. You could politely tell your bro that instead of him calling every week to see the loss. How about he calls every 4th week. then the loss will be much more dramatic :p He can still call you of course but let him know you dont want to talk about weight until the month is up. You could say something like. Although its nice your calling me every week to check my progress, but I think you will be more suprised by my losses if I tell you the months loss instead :)

    Good luck whatever you do. And wait and see them all change their tune when the weight just falls off :D
  10. pebbles

    pebbles Full Member


    Familys ay,

    some great suggestions though, i may just try a few.

    lol xxx
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